We invite you to join Nimrodel Creepside. Where the Freeps rome wide, in largenumbers of raids at a time. Open Raid, Kin Raids, B*tt Buddy Raids, etc... in form of tactical balls. So we have proof that we have an enourmous amount of E-Penners that think they are all that.

Our Freeps are calm and passive. They will take the map and paint it blue, like the sky. Doesn't matter, be it Keep, OP and Delv Bosses. They will even paint th grass blue if they where allowed.

They will then follow to turtle Lugz with an enourmous amount of Freeps, almost enough to give you the outnumber buffs(on some ocasions you will receive it). Wait for creeps till they smash their faces against the walls of Lugz. Only leaving this famous keep to pew pew a bit up until Lugz Hill and run back.

If creeps log they will comfort them in GLFF with words and ask them to return to the Farm Lands and keep spamming that channel for more creeps to join the Farm Lands. After a good 4 - 8 hours of farming, freeps will start losing numbers and wipe 1 time and log to generously leave the creeps get the comms from flipping the map.

These are reasons why you should join Nimrodel Creepside community. We have loving freeps with IQ over 9,000! These freeps will make it a fun enviroment to join and play. Don't worry about them saying they will switch servers because the action sucks. It's all just a play to not get you to join our community.

I am Liutenant Giovy
and I approve of this Msg.