I am not a game player but all of my friends are having a blast on LOTRO so I joined up. I am very impressed and find this game very sophisticated so I am doubly in need of some help.

I am a Level 16 Minstrel Elf and I tried reading many of the threads and other help aids in the wiki, too. I was wondering if there are any good sequences of buffs that make great attack and healing strikes for my group (or even when I solo).

If I understand correctly, I need to have 3 buffs to make an Anthem work. I assume three of the skills together make an Anthem? Are there specific combinations that are used together? It seems that the order activated matters, too.

I am worried about the Codas. It sounds like if I use them, I would lose some of my skills/buffs?

What does "stance" mean? I see there are Harmony and War-speech (I don't think I am high enough to use Harmony yet).

When in combat with my group, do I click on my team to help heal them? Some of the skills seem that I can make them fight better and heal ourselves at the same time.

Musical Instruments--are they used by themselves or with other buffs?

This is a start. I am sure I will have more questions after I practice more.

Our team wants to go out and practice on mobs/foes that aren't too deadly so we can get our plan of action formed and so I can practice my skills. So far we have just gone out and run amok but we have prevailed!