Stolen from somewhere off the forum, but can't remember where. Yet, I'd like to have it public for the server.

Archer: 25k morale

- Archers gain focus every time they hit someone with an attack (even partially b/p/e)

- When focus hits 10 it changes to "Unlock" which puts an eye debuff on its target, when it expires the person gets a heartseeker. If the archer dies before the heartseeker goes off, the player gets the "Marked" debuff

- So if the tank has high b/p/e and pledge etc, there won't be many heartseekers however as the archer has random targets and ignores taunts, it's kinda moot.

- Every archer ranged hit is AoE, melee is single target

- Were able to fire arrows through the ruins so LoS might not be possible for them

Captain: 54k morale

- The captain induction is to put a 40 second AoE HoT on (1,412 morale every 2 seconds and stacks), every 30 seconds (induction lasts 4 seconds)

- The captain aura is nasty - every mob death it will gain +10 damage and -5% damage reduction aura (applies to all mobs within a certain range)

- Captain does a heal puddle only when there are other mobs present and every 45 seconds, puddle lasts 1 minute

- Captain releases other mobs from mez (no CD on it either)

- Immune to mez, root, stun, fear

Warrior: 54k morale

- Warriors seem to get the enrage buff every 20 seconds to a maximum of 5 buffs (+25 damage each)

- Every single attack from the warrior is an arc (frontal AoE)

- Heal debuff lasts 30 seconds and is reapplied every 30 seconds

- Mez only lasts 50% duration

Summoner: 25k morale

- The red puddles are from the summoners

- Summoners stun, apply fear/wound etc, summon cats, drop red puddles

- Red puddles last 75 seconds and are called every 30 seconds (2824 morale on me tact mitigated to 1087), doesn't seem to be based on a players morale. I tried in tank gear and OP gear and still 2824 damage.

- Every 60 seconds a summoner will stun/apply pottable debuff

- Summoners have very weak melee, but ranged is about 4-5 times as damaging

- Summoners have adaptation

Berserker: 25k morale

- Only seems to hit with an attack called "Penetrate" and he attacks random people. Penetrate does roughly 5 times an average hit.

- Seems to appear at random intervals during a wave

- One spawn point is directly behind where the waves spawn. There are multiple spawn points though around the edge of the map.

Wave permutations:

Waves are randomly one of the below seven possibilities -

6 Archers, 4 Warriors
6 Archers, 2 Cappies, 2 Summoners
2 Archers, 2 Cappies, 2 Summoners, 2 Warriors
4 Cappies, 3 Warriors
2 Cappies, 4 Summoners, 1 Warrior
2 Archers, 4 Summoners, 2 Warriors
1 Cappie, 1 Summoners, 5 Warriors

A possible strategy:

1st tank goes about 20 meters from spawn
2nd tank about 10 meters behind him
Rest of the group hang back by the river

The key is to have all the puddles spawn on the tank and then move the mobs out towards the group. Puddles spawning on the group is almost a wipe.

Have 1st tank pull all the mobs except captains
2nd tank take the captains ...... these get left behind due to their initial induction

5/7 waves have captains, if one of the other two waves, split the mobs as best you can

Keeping the captains away from the remainder of the group is extremely helpful

Kill summoners before the 30 second mark to avoid secondary puddles
Kill berserker as a priority (call it out and TA it asap)

Leave 3 or 4 mobs (depending on the wave) until the next 2 minute wave
Never leave 2 cappies for the next wave

If you can; leave warriors on 5k, leave an archer mez'd at 5k, leave one captain on 5k
Burn these mobs as soon as you hear the next horn sound

These left over mobs do not count towards the 75% threshold of the following wave

Waves will always come at 2/4/6/8 minute marks so if you go above the 75% threshold at 1:59 into the fight, you'll get back to back waves.

Kill order;