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    Advice on my stats/ratings

    Any advice on what I should change/improve? Lvl 70 Hunter/Man.

    Thanks in advance!

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    As a Hunter, your most important base stat is Agility. I'd be willing to sacrifice some Might and even some Will to bring your Agility up. Might helps with physical mitigation, and a little bit with parrying, but for a Hunter, Agility is much more important. It impacts your base damage output, helps with parry more than Might does, and also significantly increases your evade rating.

    I'd put more emphasis on Agility over Might, and then attempt to find equipment that added +Physical Mitigation in order to offset the loss of Physical Mitigation from decreased Might. Right now, your Tactical and Physical Mitigation are about equal, which is probably about what you want for a Hunter, since you'll likely see a decent mix of ranged and melee combat.

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    Are you killing things fast enough for your tastes? No? Get more crit/agi/PM.

    Are you dying too quickly for your tastes? Yes? Get more vit/morale.

    Don't minmax til 85. You don't have a ton of choices until then, anyway, except at 75, and why spread out then when you'll be at 85 next week?

    Might and Will are totally useless to you. Tactical Mit isn't as important unless you do group instances, because the vast majority of landscape mobs do physical damage.
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    Everyone's opinions will differ. Toon builds are so very personal.

    Another opinion;

    Hunters are ranged based. Roughly a third of the time you're in melee combat.
    You either want a lot of base damage, a high critical hit number. A high morale, not vitality. you get 3 points of Morale for every point of Vitality, where as Guardians/Wardens get 5 morale per point of Vitality.

    Feeling squishy, up your morale, armor, physical mitigation, in combat regens.

    Getting wounded/poisoned/sick/feared a lot? up your resistance and get fortifying food.

    You are level 70. always get the better Finesse gear over all others.
    Finesse is a ratings-based stat that will directly reduce the Resistance of monsters as well as their Block/Parry/Evade ratings
    As I understand it it's a separate stat comparison similar to levels, and the loser gets applied the penalties. So say you're fighting a level 68 mob, but his finesse is 2K over yours. You get all the mastery and stat bonuses vs him, but his attacks go thru easier vs your blocks/parry/evades and resistance.

    Might x2 = Physical Mitigation
    Might x4 = Block Rating
    Might x2 = Parry Rating

    Vitality x3 = Morale
    Vitality x2 = Physical Mitigation
    Vitality x4 = Tactical Mitigation
    Vitality x2 = Resistance Rating
    Vitality x7.2 = NonCbt Morale Regen

    Will x 2 = Tactical Mitigation
    Will x 2 = Resistance Rating
    Will x 5 = Tactical Mastery

    Agility x1 = Critical Rating
    Agility x2 = Parry Rating
    Agility x4 = Evade Rating
    Agility x10 = Physical Mastery

    Fate x2.5 = Critical Rating
    Fate x1.5 = In Cbt Morale Regen
    Fate x3.6 = In Cbt Power Regen
    Fate x24 = Non Cbt Power Regen

    Reversing this table gives you a better guide;

    Physical Mastery

    Agility x10

    Critical Rating

    Fate x 2.5
    Agility x1

    Physical Mitigation

    Might x2
    Vitality x2


    Vitality x3

    In Combat Morale Regen

    Fate x 1.5

    In Combat Power Regen

    Fate x3.6

    Evade Rating

    Agility x4

    Parry Rating

    Agility x2

    Tactical Mitigation

    Vitality x4
    Will x2

    Resistance Rating

    Vitality x2
    Will x2

    Some stats are not listed, because you just cant do them, like Block.

    Besides stats, you have gear, virtues, Traits, jewelry that contribute to your build.

    For base damage, you want Agility, Determination

    For Critical Rating, you want Fate, jewelry, gear

    For Armor, you want gear, Empathy, Honesty, Zeal

    For Morale, you want gear, jewelry, Zeal, Valour

    For Power, you want Will, gear, jewelry, Honesty, Loyalty

    For in combat morale regen, you want Fate, jewellery, Justice

    For In combat power regen, you want Fate, jewellery, Patience

    For Physical Mitigation, you want Vitality or Might, gear, Compassion, Innocence

    For Tactical Mitigation, you want Vitality, gear, Fidelity, Tolerance.

    For Resistance, you want Will, Vitality, jewellery, Charity, Confidence, Honour

    As you can see. Toon building is a game of Craps. So many directions to go, and you can't cover them all. So specialize.

    Stock build; High agility, fate. Gear with high critical rating, jewellery with high Morale. Determination, Idealism, Empathy or Tolerance, Valour, Zeal.

    Endurance build; Fate, gear and jewelry with high in cbt regens, Will, Honesty, Loyalty, Justice, Patience.

    Beefy build; gear and jewellery with high morale and armor, Empathy, Honesty, Valour, Zeal, Innocence.

    Spellcaster Assassin; Fate, Vitality, jewelry and gear with high critical rating, Fidelity, Tolerance, Charity, Confidence, Honour

    You get the idea, now you have to make that personal choice and build your toon from the guides above...
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    I can't see your pictute, so I can't give advice based on your build. What I can say is that it doesn't really matter what you do until cap. At cap, you want to use virtues to build your mitigations and resistance rating. You then want to focus on Physical Mastery and Critical rating. You will want a LOT more agility than anything else. You also will want vitality and fate, though only about 1/3 to 1/5 as much of those compared to agility. Just to give you an idea, my build without any buffs(no gear procs either) is 2870 agiliy, 580 vitality, 640 fate, 11,000 critical rating, and 37,200 phisical mastery. It will take a while to build up that high, but you will want your stats spread out similar to this. I don't remember my exact finess right now, but it hovers between, 15-17%. You will need some finess, which you will have since most 85 armor and the Rohan rep rings have it.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I used to concentrate on morale and vitality, but then read on here about how important agility was. Once I built that up, I noticed I was killing mobs much faster, so the morale was not as important as before.

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    Apart from the good advise above about stats and traits - there is the class traits as well..

    How many blue/red/yellow do you equip ?
    Mainly a preference at your level - but it helps if you choose them taking into mind how you like to play.

    Go mostly red if you want high hitting shots
    Go blue traited if you want to speed up dps
    Go yellow for CC (arguably less interesting in solorun to 85).

    Check which blue - red - yellow class traits you have unlocked and what the other ones mean. See if you can unlock the remaining if you want the buff... Just tweaking the class traits gives you another hunter experience...

    Check with some 85 hunters in your kin - see what they have going. And pick from the conversations what you like for your gameplay...


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    lots of good info, thanks everyone



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