Edhel Annon is a kinship residing on the Withywindle server.

It was created soon after the launch of the server in 2010. Thus it is one of the eldest kinships there. It started out as an elven kinship but the raging war made clear that the elves had to help the free folk of Middle-Earth. Edhel Annon now is a safe haven for elves, dwarves, men and hobbits alike.

Edhel Annon takes great pride in it's social status. Being a social kinship creates a homely atmosphere where people
get to know eachother by having a chat or working together on our events.
Our events are split in two categories: the PvE / PvMP runs and the social events.
The first ones are found in every kinship and consist of instances and raids.
The social events are what makes Edhel Annon stand out from other kinships.
Examples of these are the bi-weekly concerts, little games like 'Hide and Seek' or 'Hunt the Hobbit' and events where we include some mild Role-Playing.

Edhel Annon has generated a firm playerbase of people from both sides of the pond, who all add their very own touch to the kinship, wether it is through organising an event, aiding in the well functioning of the kinship and it's site, helping fellow players out in game or just being a chatty person. Every player contributes to the warmth of the kinship.

If you think you are the right person to fit in our ranks, feel free the make an application on our forum
or, if you know one, get in touch with one of our members in the game. We will get back to you and one day
you may find yourself entering our merry band and taking the step through the Elven portal.