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    How would you describe this server?


    Been poking around this server, been thinking of coming back after quitting about 4 years ago. How would you describe it? Low, medium, high pop? Economy? Lots of RP'ers? Hardcore or casual? Thanks.

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    We may be not the most populated server, I would have to say we are busy 24/7 with the folks here. You can find alot of RPers/Raiders/Casual types.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Forums double posting.
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    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    How would you describe this server?
    Black, about 19" wide, some blinkenlights.

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    Kind of interesting to note that we have more threads in the forum than any server but Brandywine, Elendilmir and Landroval.

    I suppose we're "chatty".

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    I suppose we're somewhere in the middle, population-wise. And as Rebarty said, we're welcoming to all sorts of playstyles. I've noticed more cooperation between players of different kinships here than I've seen elsewhere. And even though our GLFF has its moments, on the whole it is far better than the global channels of most other servers.

    I've spent some time on 7 other servers, including two of the most populous and two of the least populous, and Crickhollow tops them all in my book. I left behind 7 cap level characters (or capped out at the time) and many longtime friends after a month on this server. I found a great kinship the day Crickhollow opened and it's the home I was always looking for but could never find elsewhere. The community is filled with so many kind and helpful people.

    You may decide that this is not the best server for you. You will find many more people on Brandywine, a much smaller community on Withywindle, more raiding on Elendimir, or more RP on Landroval and Laurelin. But I believe we've got a lot to offer here in every aspect of the game. If you stick with Crickhollow, feel free to look me up on Rosalie if you have any questions as you get reacquainted with the game.
    Rosalie from Crickhollow's Second Breakfast
    Community events reporter at lotroplayers.com
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    Winterfest is coming! December 15-17 on Crickhollow
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    Visit secondbreakfast.guildlaunch.co m & crickhollowmusic.guildlaunch.c om
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    Our weekly events--Fridays 9pm: Bread & Jam at the Prancing Pony
    Saturdays 1pm: Breakfast Club plays at Bree-town's South Gate
    Sundays at 11am and Mondays at 11pm: Elevenses at the Bird & Baby
    Wednesdays at 11am & 10:30pm: Midweek Tunes & Ales around Eriador
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Find out about the kinships of Crickhollow at crickhollowkins.tumblr.com
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    Crickhollow has more casual players and RP'ers then most anything else. At present during peak times we have around 150 in GLFF (usually on the lower side). If you're casual, a solo player, or RP'er, then this is the server for you. If you are interested in hard core raiding, there's only about 3ish kins that are completing T2 and T2C content and these types of groups some times don't even get to run content because they can't find the people (when they need replacements). Honestly, if you're into hard core raiding, then you'd be better on a larger server.

    As far as the economy- it's really silly. Price are incredibly high. The prices difference between a larger server like Eldar and a small one like Crick is like comparing prices between Arkansas and New York City. There's a very high cost of living on Crick.
    Freia - Level 85 Elf Minstrel, Crickhollow
    Loge - Level 85 Elf Loremaster, Crickhollow
    Brunhilde - Level 85 Hobbit Burglar, Crickhollow
    Nimrodiel - Weaver, Crickhollow



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