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    When to start a second Legendary item?

    I have a Legendary bow, and a number of Legendary swords, etc from drops which I have not started using yet. Should I start say a Legendary sword, or just concentrate on the bow?


    Level 57 hobbit hunter

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    you should always keep all your legendary slots full for best results. the ixp is divided between them but you get more ixp to divide when you have more slotted. Some people only level extra legendaries to 30 before deconstructing them but i've gotten much better results leveling them to 60.

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    You are Hunter... you should have an active ranged weapon, and an active melee weapon all the time!

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    You should have all your legendary slots filled (6 by default) or 10 max through store purchase. Your LI bow and melee weapon should always be equipped unless you find a better non LI bow or melee weapon, which, is highly unlikely.

    There is a set amount of ixp allotted to the your LIs which is dependent on the number of LIs slotted. The more you have slotted the greater total amount of ixp granted.

    It has been proven by several players and verified by my own game play that deconning your LIs is best at level 60. The primary reason for this is that you get back the greatest percentage of ixp and relics at this level than at any other level. Deconning at lower levels seem to scale in that the lower the weapon is at decon the lower the percentage value of ixp runes and relics received.

    I know it takes time to get those extra LIs to max level. But once you get your first group to level 60 you have most of the work done. When you decon them all and apply those ixp runes to your next group you should be around 90% of max level on them experience wise plus have a nice assortment of relics that will greatly enhance your eguipped LIs.


    You rinse and repeat this cycle several times until you have pretty much built the best weapon(s) possible for your character(s). This usually takes 4 or 5 cycles from my experience.
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