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    Efficient co-levelling of farmer and cook

    I have a new Yeoman that I would like to level as a cook/farmer combination. Has anyone worked out the details of which recipes to use to be efficient? Since lower-tier resources and ingredients are used in higher-tier recipes, there are opportunities to make stuff you don't need immediately but will come in handy later.

    Before I spend the time to figure it out myself, I wonder if someone has already done it for me.

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    Several stacks of Pie Crusts will come in handy later. I know that they are used in at least one more recipe on up the line, maybe two or more.

    Sorry, I don't have a strategy for you or a list of best recipes.
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    In the cupboard under the stairs. (or is it under the stalls?)
    As Balgost said, pie crusts.
    Also, apples, taters, green onions.
    I think you will find what gets used most as you progress.
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