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    Cool The New and Improved Massive Dynamics thread

    Massive Dynamics is a social kinship at its core.

    We are a long established kinship in the Dwarrowdelf server mostly dedicated to social interaction between our members, let it be by events or simply talking nonsense in kinchat!

    We also run all kinds of instances from lower levels to end game. We have alliances with the best raiding kins in the server, providing our members with chances to raid at top level.

    Doing an instance with us you might not always be sucessfull but rest assured that our craziness will make you laugh really hard!

    Also every day is typo day in MD! - See more at: http://massivedynamics.guildlaunch.com/

    or contact our officer staff in game for more info:

    Tinudraen - current leader
    Sobrepingocce - current successor
    Arched - officer
    Maelthee (?) - officer
    Wauksadan - officer
    Shoestring - officer
    Eomerea -officer
    Toynbee - officer
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    Creeps Dwarrowdelf: Drdeadman R9 /Ostanda R6

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    Aug 2011
    We currently have a nice kinhouse in Hayville - shire...

    Well worth a try...

    Our kin Hobbitses know how to throw a good party :-)

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    Aug 2011
    We are still open for recruitment. As a fun social kin - our recruiting is always on.

    Find us ingame on our MD channel ( /joinchannel MD ) and ask for an invite.
    Or IM any officer ingame

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    AFK in Dol Amroth
    I have that same shirt
    Fellowship Hadacar: I now have a mental image of a little pea with a NE Patriot's logo painted on it.
    Professional AFKer.

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    1 highspires st Thekksgrof
    Bump or perhaps more characters are needed
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