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    Am I doing this right

    Another legendary Noob question...

    In your legedary item window there are 4 Sockets for relics. the far right is for a crafted relic. In order to get an item for that socket, you have to be a member of the guild for your crafting skill (mine is woodworking).
    In order to make a barter item for that socket you have to be in good standing with that guild, in order to get in good standing you have to buy recipes and make those guild standing items (small supreme carving, Medium supreme carving, etc)
    in order to get the wood you need you have to go out and harvest?

    question is, Am I over complicating this, is this what you have to do, this will take time since the guild standing items have a cool down ranging from hours to days.

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    If you want to have the best crafted relics (those with golden text), then yes, those are bind on acquire, so you need to max the respective crafting tier and guild reputation before you can barter one from the leader of your crafting guild.

    The ones with purple and blue text however are tradeable, you can for example find those in the AH in the sealed relics sub-category of legendary items, among the regular drops of sealed relics.
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    Thanks I wanted to make sure I was doing it right, This will take some time, with the crafted cooldown time and everything.

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    No, you have the order right (in reverse). Now start by step # 1 Go out the town & farm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    No, you have the order right (in reverse). Now start by step # 1 Go out the town & farm.
    So noob question repeated: It helps to max out crafting Guild
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