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Thread: Return 2.0

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    Return 2.0

    The days when camping anything was possible...
    Doubt this scenario qualifies as camping

    1. Map set for good fighting

    2. Freeps out
    P.S. not really

    3.Freeps back at Lugs backdoor after the battle

    Treat this how you wish, but it is a serious problem on the server. Almost every time I decide to play here this happens at some point. The numbers don't matter for most people.

    It drives me nuts, not because I would hate dying (i love dying in a good fight, both sides getting points not only regular good fight enjoyment=win), but because I want to play my different toons, which I can only do here but with this happening over and over ,and over again I just feel ill clicking the Crickhollow name.

    Desperate cry to the community, but it is pretty much all I can do at this point.
    Your misconceptions and fantasies along with your misguided sense of entitlement don't dictate my actions.

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    This thread... my god, fantastic turn-a-round is fantastic.

    Saved to my bookmarks, favorited and +thread watch.
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    So... we were not ment to go back to lugs backdoor after we died to die again?


    Update on tab - 13 kills 10 kbs. Go lvl 72 3rd agers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashy View Post

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    Awesome, biggggg + to rep. Let's qq more
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    Yesterday I tried to switch up a little bit by playing in different spots not just Gramsfoot Hill or Lugz Hill. Lied in wait in different areas. Ran solo, in a small fellow or group at different times. I had fun hope you did too.



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