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    Cooked food price list for T8/Eastemnet - plus, how much do you sell your food for?

    As Yossalu's wonderful price guide hasn't been updated for Rohan, I decided to do my own calculations for food prices. They are very very rough calculations - I have no idea how Yossalu calculated the price for farmed products, so I picked a fairly random price. If someone can point me towards more accurate prices for farmed items, I would be happy to redo the calculations, or if someone has already done the cooked food prices then please point me towards them.

    I have used a price of 1.5s per vegetable in Tier 8, and 1s per vegetable in lower tiers. I know this is really high, so open to others' calculations! Also, some items may have been randomly rounded up.

    Cherry Tart 9s 60c each, 480s for stack of 50
    Rabbit With Bacon And Turnips 19s each, 950s for 50
    Roast Wild Duck With Cherry Sauce 28s 72c each, 1g 436s for 50
    Vegetable Pasty 12s each, 600s for 50
    Vegetable Pot Pie 8s 86c each, 950s for 50

    Bacon Turnip Mash 19s 60c ea, 980s for 50
    Cherry Cheese Pastry 25s 44c ea, 1g 272s for 50
    Cherry Nut Biscuit 11s 94c ea, 597s for 50
    Cherry Rhubarb Crumble 14s 82c ea, 741s for 50
    Duck Pie 11s each, 550s for 50
    Herb and Nut Roll 20s 40c each, 1g 20s for 50
    Mutton and Turnip Pie 11s 74c each, 587s for 50
    Neeps and Tatties 18s 4c each, 902s for 50
    Riddermark Hotpot 10s 70c each, 710s for 50
    Turnip Bacon Turnover 6s 42 each, 321s for 50

    Cream Turnip Soup 21s each, 1g 50s for 50
    Duck and Oxtail Soup 30s 84c each, 1g 542s for 50
    Duck Stew 26s 34c each, 1g 317s for 50
    Warm Cherry Soup 24s 38c each, 1g 219s for 50

    And what does everyone try and sell their food for? I was going to aim between 150% and 200% of cost to make, but then not sure what to price Superior versions at. Double what the normal version is?

    Hope this helps people, at least as a rough guide to price. I know some of my calculations are flawed, so I welcome any discussion about what values to use instead


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    Well you are very thorough, clearly you are mindful of the costs.
    As for the selling, I feel you have to see what your server will pay. With folks using Mithril Coins and store foodies, it can be hard to sell some times.

    My experience is a stack of Superior Food sells very well. Browse the Auctions and see what others are selling for and watch over a week or so. Use Guild recipes with a weekly cool-down and keep up the Repasts, like the Large, Medium, Small guild trade-ins you use for Guild Rep, just don't trade them in. Keep them for the bulk recipes and you will soon have lovely purple stacks of food. They cost a couple hundred silver each to make (I think, with say 25 "cuts of lamb" at 8 silver a piece or whatever, plus the other stuff) so post what you are happy with and if it doesn't sell, take it back and decide if you want to repost.

    Good luck!

    Seeing here you probably don't "need advice" but you asked for opinions on selling price, and I didn't see guild recipes on your list. Those to me are the best. That way I save the crit ingredients like Sprigs of Thyme for smaller quantities of production.

    Crafting is great, I love it! My Cook, Woodworker, Tailor and Scholar are Max Guild, the other crafts are Eastenmet but can not benefit from guild recipes. So I always suggest to used guild recipes whenever possible.




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