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    Kinship Problems...

    For lack of better knowledge on where kinship problems go, I am posting here.

    I am Co-Owner of the kinship Guardians of Middle Earth with a player named Leolion. We've received a warning message explaining we have five(5) days to acquire at least eight(8) members to the kinship or it will be disbanded. Well, in three(3) days we have recruited twenty(20) players, including me and Leolion, and the message still appeared. So, we have proceeded to try and fix the issue, by ranking 8 officers and 8 kinsmen/kinswomen, and still the warning message appears. Thus we have decided to come to the forums and seek help, because if we lose this kinship due to faulty technology, twenty players will be very disappointed. Thank you for your time.

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    As long as you have a minimum of 8 characters (including alts) in the kinship, it shouldn't disband. I never exactly encountered this problem myself, however from what I've seen, the kinship shouldn't actually disband. Since you have a good bit of members (8 officers and 8 kinsmen at least), you shouldn't run into any problems.

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    This has come up before, on many threads. It may be a Bug or not, but after the set time your kinship should not be dibanded.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    And if you wanna hear Turbine say it:
    ...you will receive a warning that your kinship will be disbanded within 5 days. You will continue to see this warning for the full five days regardless of the number of members. As long as you have 8 characters at the end of the 5 days, your kinship will not be disbanded...

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    make sure you have more than 3 different accounts within that kinship



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