Dateline: Landroval 20 June 2013

Weatherstock 5 Preview

These bands from distant lands are expected to perform on Landroval this year July 20th at the Fifth annual Weatherstock Concert. I’m sure they would appreciate seeing you there as at least some on the concert awards are based on popular vote by the audience. So get on over to Landroval and make yourself a character to attend the concert. Securuity there will assist low level alts with travel to Weathertop and security protection from monsters during the concerts.

Special Crickhollow Edition

re: Andúnië for Weatherstock

by Makalaure Canafinwe

What is your role in Weatherstock?:
Makalaure - Band Leader of Andúnië

Have you performed in public as a band before?
1. We have performed many times on both Landroval and Laurelin.
2. We have played for the well-attended Grand Elven Ball for several years on Laurelin.
3. We test our new songs each week and give impromptu concerts on both Laurelin and Landroval.
4. We were at Weatherstock last year and won the Light In The Dark award. We pride ourselves on original songs created by our members.

Band Members:
Andúnië band members are: Ancalimo, Earalenia, Earmoth, Elinnea, Fernith, Fionnuala, Lhasbelin, Makalaure, Miste, Nifferil, Phedelene, Taendis, Tamaren, Tuilieth. There are others but I am afraid I will spell their names wrong. :P Our members are from Russia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Can you schedule a Weatherstock Concert Series performance on Landroval or your home server?:

Contact information:
Makalaure on both the Landroval and Laurelin Server

Home Server:
Landroval and Laurelin (we are a two server band)

We are an all Elven group from many kinships who are drawn together by our love of music.

Introduce yourself or your band here.:
I am Makalaure and the band Andúnië is made of Elves who came together two years ago originally on the Laurelin server. I hesitate to say "my" band, even as bandleader, for each one of us is capable of leading and I know some are better than I am at the job so it's not really my band at all. We are a team. We also play in other bands for the enjoyment of it because we like and respect each other.

Each band member is extremely talented. Many of us are real life musicians and we create our own songs for game play with themes of Arda. We LOVE music and we hope it shows! Last year at Weatherstock we were the band that played the drum song written by Phedelene. This year we hope to be back with more original tunes that might wow you!

Die Meisterbarden von Bree

by Die Meisterbarden von Bree

We play EVERY friday a 2h concert on Vanyar (a german server) since december 2008. Our usual audience is up to 40 people. Since about one year we also play concerts on different other servers (Landroval, Belegaer, Maiar, Laurelin usw. ) at a random basis. Lately we performed at some big community events like the "Bree Dressur Derby" on Vanyar and the "Spring Carnival Racing" on Landroval. Here's a link to our livestreams on

Home Server:

Main Character:

Die Meisterbarden von Bree

Bands: Website (if any):

Introduce yourself or your band here.:
Die Meisterbarden von Bree are a band of currently nine real players. With all our twinks we can play songs with up to 16 instruments. Usually (on fridays) we play with a twelve man band. About 95% of our about 600 songs are made by the members of the Meisterbarden themselves. You're all invited to visit us on Vanyar every friday 8pm-10pm CEST (2pm servertime on Landroval).
Another link some of our songs on Youtube:

by Daffin

The application submitted by Daffin is as follows:

Bands Leaders: Have you performed in public as a band before? Please supply documentation here.:
Th' Breakfast Club has appeared at th' Previous two Weatherstock Festivals, (2011 an 2012), PLays a impromptu concert in Bree every Saturday which can be anywhere from 45 minutes t' a hour an a half long on our Home Server o' Crickhollow, went t' Gladden last Fall t' play a concert as a prize fer CSTM's Child's Play Auction, an just last weekend came t' Landroval t' play a bit fer th' Races...

Band Members: What band are you a member of?:
Th' Breakfast Club

Home Server:

Main Character:
Dallofin Bolderbrook

Second Breakfast

Introduce yourself or your band here.:
Th' Breakfast Club is a Band that originated with th' Second Breakfast Kinship on Crickhollow, but which now counts as Band Members folks from 3 or 4 other Kinships as well. Th' thing that binds us t'gether is th' desire t' play GOOD music fer th' Free Peoples, an t' add t' th' repertoire o' music floatin around Arda as many new arrangements, interestin lyrics an yes, even original melodies as we can. Although we have several members that come up with new songs fer th' Band t' play, we ain't above playin other folks' tunes, so long as they are well-built an musically interestin. An we hope that others'll find our contributions t' be worth playin as well. Tho I'm sure this can be said 'bout any o' th' Bands that'll be playin in Weatherstock (an many that won't be as well), we're all just terribly pleased that th' Valar have given us th' ability t' make music in Arda, an we hope t' use that ability help bring harmony, both literally an figuratively, t' lands o' Middle-earth.


by Simbo Rumblebelly

What is your role in Weatherstock?:
Band Leader

The Songburrow Strollers have been performing on Laurelin for a number of years now, and have organised a number of successful concerts all over The Shire and Bree land.

Home Server:

Main Character:

Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

Bands: Website (if any):

Introduce yourself or your band here.:

I am Simbo Rumblebelly, Band leader of the Songburrow Strollers. Also in the band are the wonderful Lina Willowwood, Sevelda Quickkettle and Rowana Fairborn. Keeping up a grand tradition of playing lively music in the Shire, our mission is to make hobbits dance and have fun with a continuing series of concerts all over The Shire and even into Breeland!

As you can see from these postings, bands are gathering this year from many distant lands, and it is my honor to introduce them to you and give you all a little information about them.

Aldekim Etal, publisher
Lonely Mountain Free Press