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Thread: Rp Servers

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    Rp Servers

    I am trying to find which servers have the most RP traffic. I love to RP but haven't found a good server to RP on in about 2 years.

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    Laurelin or Landroval. I prefer Laurelin (sorry, Fionnuala - it isn't personal!)

    Laurelin was in origin a European, English-language server chosen by EU players to be an RP server at the outset. It has a smaller North American population, but this is growing, and its RP community is very well-established with a good support structure through a third party website, the Laurelin Archives.

    Landroval is also very busy, and would be my recommendation to anyone eager to explore the player music system in-depth. Its RP designation came rather later, I understand, and some folks have had trouble with griefers on that account.

    EDIT - Looking a little deeper, I find that Landy is managed under different guidelines from Laurie, which ties the hands of the GMs to an extent in regards to RP griefing. The full story on RP server designations can be read here: http://support.turbine.com/link/port...les-and-Policy
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    The renowned griefing/trolling by one particular griefer in 2012 is not an issue anymore on Landroval.

    The biggest differences nowadays is:
    -Laurelin's prime time is in the EU evenings, while Landroval's prime time is in the NA evenings. They both have players who play during the less active times as well.
    -No naming policy on Landroval, so you'll see 'randomnpc' or 'refridgerator' running about.

    There is plenty of heavy RP on Landroval; the number of plots I've been in only these last six months alone is fairly numerous. While Landy is also known for their music community, it is hardly the only thing that happens, RP-wise, on that server.

    My recommendation would be to give both a shot for a time and see which one you prefer.. you may end up liking both.

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    Both servers sport many community events, including musical events. Both have a lot of roleplayers. So, I agree with Laire about trying both out and seeing how you like the "fit" and various styles of RP.

    As an aside, "Randomnpc" isn't just another "I couldn't think of anything else" or "I think this name's uber" name. He's actually a roleplay alt who takes up whatever "random" or extraneous/temporary role is needed in various plotlines. He has died gloriously many times over for the good of RP...

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    I find that the two servers are a lot more similar than people like to think they are. The big difference really is the time zones, especially for scheduled events. Events on Landy are usualy scheduled during NA friendly hours and events on Laurelin are scheduled for EU friendly hours. This makes it much easier for NA people to function on Laurelin, since evening for them is in the middle of the day for us while evening for NA is in the middle of the night for them. (Though I know one crazy Dane who comes to all my events regardless.)

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    The history of rp servers in LOTRO seems to be faded into the dim past. As an Elf who has lived many ages let me relate to you the story... *searches for his harp and pulls it from a leather bag*

    *fingerings of notes punctuate his melodious words*

    In the first age of 2006/7 the roleplay community who tested the game before it was widely known, wanted a roleplay server. They wanted a server where Turbine would protect them from griefers and other miscreants that barged in on what they enjoyed. Turbine's response was that an MMORPG was just that "a roleplaying game" and that a server dedicated to roleplay was not needed.

    The roleplaying (lore-loving) community decided to take roleplaying into their own hands and designate their own server. There was a slight problem however. The roleplaying community was divided into those who wanted the game players to KNOW which server was a roleplaying one, and those who wanted to hide from the general game players for fear of ... TROLLS. Half the community went to Landroval and the other half went to Elendilmir. Can you guess which server came out on top? Indeed. Landroval was the un-designated player-designated roleplay server. Elendilmir fell from the grace of the roleplayers due to lack of new roleplayers and many of those who started there moved to Landroval.

    Are you confused yet? *smiles and continues*

    Now, sometime in the second age, those who live across the sea were brought into the circles of the North American world servers and another problem cropped up. It seems that the Vala who protected these new servers had agreed to help roleplaying out by protecting roleplay on several of its servers, one of which was the (English speaking) Laurelin server. Thus Turbine had to honor the agreement made by the Vala to the people on Laurelin. Thus we have two roleplay servers, Landroval and Laurelin, yet one - Landroval - merely a Roleplay Encouraged server because the Valar refused to honor any roleplay designated server.

    Now here we are, at the end of the third age, many are confused or have listened to the stories of those who had not been in contact with their histories. Truth be told, both Landroval and Laurelin are roleplay servers with little difference except the time their peoples are most active. Roleplay is vibrant on both servers if you know where and how to look for it. Lore appropriate roleplay is also active within the roleplay community, again, if you know how to look for it.

    If you tend to come in to roleplay in the evening hours in North America then Landroval will be much more crowded with other roleplayers. If you are in Europe or enjoy playing in the daytime in North America then Laurelin would be much more crowded with roleplayers. OR - you might like to try both.

    *with a flourish of notes the Elf smiles and returns his harp to the bag*



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