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Thread: Game of Golds

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    Game of Golds

    Hello everyone!

    So I have been starting to gear out an alt with the lack of current raid content. My main never had much luck in attaining golds in fact I've only got 1 gold total and 1 incorrect burg one that a GM kindly fixed for me. I have ran instances countless times trying to be as good as the newbie next to me but no avail. Several days ago I spoke to a new hunter who had gotten 2 gold earrings from Fornost in a single run, one from each chest. Any hunter who has farmed Fornost for months and has come up empty handed can feel my pain I'm sure.

    Now that we have the introduction out of the way let the games begin.

    Do you feel that you have horrible luck? Worse than anybody? Lets see who has the worst luck! (Feel free to share successes as well).

    The purpose of this thread is to:
    • Have fun
    • Bragging rights about bad luck
    • Share other peoples pain
    • Read about peoples gold stories (failures or success)
    • Share our goals and nemesis gold item
    • Identify where the chest probability is worse
    • Allow Turbine to asses just how good their probability chest ratios are
    • Who has the most # of golds of 1 specific item?

    This is not a complaint thread. As stated above you are more then welcome to voice your frustration but do so in a constructive manner. This thread is to track the top few players who have the most runs with no golds - for our amusement, their benefit and constructive feedback. Thank you.

    • To be added to the leader board you must provide a in-game screenshot with the Control + K window open and scrolled down to the desired instance.
    • Clearly state what the screenshot displays and the item you want to get
    • Give us a story about your frustration or possibly luck elsewhere
    • Only failures over 100 times will be listed (Even a 20 minute run at 100 times is 34 hours attempted play)
    • Keep in mind the Control + K feature only lists boss kills, not instance runs.
    • If you have a spread out run-list (50 maze runs, 50 sambrog, and 50 Thadur with no pocket I welcome these statsistics too, show them all in one screenshot together or 3).
    • Please be honest. I can't see if you have a gold or not. If you are a player who plays a ton and got your gold on run 50 but you have 300 runs because you love that specific run don't lead us on about your 300 runs. I am certain our statistics will be 95% accurate as a community (hopefully) Thank you!

    I will start by sharing mine as an example - nothing impressive but it will get us going as my hunter just got 85 a few weeks ago! My example is also showing multiple instances for 1 item but referencing the main.

    The leader board will be set up within 48 hours when I have sufficient data to begin.

    Have fun! Post away. Follow my example.

    Desired item: Hunter pocket

    Total times attempted: 120
    Sambrog: 116 <---
    Maze: 3
    Thadur: 1

    Enjoy your summer!
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