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    New to plug ins, need help starting

    I saw a plug-in that looked interesting and tried to add it to the game. I followed, as best I could, the instructions at the download site and searched the forums for more tips and followed them, again as best I could. Nothing worked. Could someone tell me which files should be put under which directory exactly?

    The plug-in I was trying to add was the "travel" one for my hunter. I tried unzipping it in several places, but none worked. And one thing I read, with a picture to illustrate, said there should be a file labeled "plug-ins" in addition to "Lord of the Rings plug-ins". I don't have the first one anywhere. I downloaded the Lotro file I was instructed to and unzipped it. But there was no executable file there to install it that I could find. What am I missing?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have my plugins in:

    Documents>The Lord of the Rings Online>Plugins

    Inside that folder I have several folders, one each for the plugins I use. For example, I have a DhorPlugins folder in there that has the Travel plugin files inside it.

    There is also a Turbine folder in the Plugins folder with things in it. I presume you might need that for other 3rd party plugins to work. Not sure... It has folders as follows: Animation, Debug, Resources, Test, UI, and Utils

    I will look for the link I followed to get that and edit it here.

    EDIT: Here is the zipped file I got that had the Travel plugin and the Turbine folder inside a folder called Plugins. You can just put that folder (after unzipping it) in your Lord of the Rings Online folder as described above and it should work. You might want to download a more recent version of the Travel plugin tho. I got this one a couple of years ago. (I have never updated the Turbine folder so maybe you don't really need it)

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    I don't have that plug-ins folder, but I have one called "Turbine plug-ins" Is that it?

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    I'm on Windows 7 and the folder is called Plugins (no hyphen by the way) but they may accept more than one version of the folder name - I dunno...
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    okay, I'm making progress. I now have the plugins folder in the right place. I'm still getting an error message, "failed to load package travel", but at least the game can see it now. I don't have time now, but I'll try downloading the plugin again later and see if it will load.

    Thanks for your patience and help for someone who is only semi-computer literate!

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    Make your life much simpler. Download and install LotRO Plugin Compendium. It is a Java app that takes care of downloading and extracting most of the plugins from lotrointerface.com (the plugin author has to include a file to make their plugin compatible but most of the up-to-date plugins are compatible) as well as letting you get updates easier.

    Windows version:

    Mac/Linux version:



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