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    New Creep Friendly

    Greetings, I am thinking of going creep. I've been freep for a few years on another server, and want to come to the dark side. I still want to keep/play my freeps, however did not want to do both on the same server. Just, best that way.

    Anyhoo, I was wondering if this server is kind to new creeps. I'd be a defiler; already picked class, however did not want to run into a bunch of 'Learn to play, go away newbie' remarks if I ask a question. I am an older player, so I don't have tolerance for jerks much. I've a good sense of humor, however loath rudeness.

    Is Crick friendly to new players?
    Thanks a ton

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    In my experience, the players on Crick are quite friendly.

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    hey welcome to crick ^^
    i personally havent come across anything i thought was malicious and the community overall i think is friendly.
    see ya on creepside and hope you enjoy 8D
    ohsnap, bigsnaps, hypnotiq r12 warg[/color][/center]

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    It's all giggles and snorts on creepside, welcome to crick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpon View Post
    It's all ponies and more ponies on creepside, welcome to crick.
    is what itty really means
    ohsnap, bigsnaps, hypnotiq r12 warg[/color][/center]

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    I'd say overall people are friendly but there are times I would definitely keep audio in headphones or minors out of the room cause some people get really inventive with language.

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.



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