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    Cool Remembering the throwbacks

    While watching some reaver pvp vids on youtube, i stumbled across this SoM r5 reaver vid and look who i found! Throwback! Lol good look on ya thor http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LX2inVTsfUc

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    Just realized wolf is in their too haha

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    Yeah, there were times when everyone was more than just bad...
    anyways, if you're looking for SoM reaver footage this guy had 2 good 1v1 vids

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    Man all that turning is giving me headaches :L. I guess I'm not used to Lotro anymore.
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    You just need a wireless monitor, then attach it to a mixer base. Enjoy!

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    I'm going to hell after laughing from my ex-kin members on Hawk's first video...
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