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    Exclamation "We Fight For Food" Kinship

    "We Fight For Food" kinship is a cozy and fun kinship that moved into the stunning world of The Lord of the Rings Online on June 23, 2012. As you can see, we are about to hit kinship rank 10, yet that does not mean we are a new gaming group; in fact we exist for almost 3 years now. Our core consists of highly experienced, long time MMO players.

    We are:
    - Dedicated gamers, who like to explore every aspect of the current game (solo play, group play, roleplay, (PvP) with respect to the game's community
    - A group of players with different playstyles who accept and add variety to one another's gaming experience.
    - A close group of people, who have real lives and like to log into online games to relax and enjoy.
    - An international kinship, with members located throughout the globe, something that makes our company more intriguing.

    Our rules:
    - We expect from our members to be polite and respectful. That applies not only towards the other kin members but to the overall community of the server. We will not tolerate improper behaviour. Every single one of our members is the mirror of our image to the server. If there is any problem, complaint or concern, the kinship’s leadership will be happy to listen to you and rest assured we will do whatever we can to help.
    - The basis of our kinship is helping each other. The more you offer to the family, the more you shall receive. This does not mean that all the work will be done for you. Our members are encouraged to work on their class and learn the game, besides that’s where the enjoyment of playing an RPG comes from! Laziness will not be rewarded.

    The kinship’s roaster includes high level characters of each class and of each crafting vocation with Grand Master status in the respective guilds. As a result, you can be sure to find yourself in an environment that can assist you while leveling with crafted gear and useful tips for your chosen class and your crafting vocation.

    The center of our philosophy is always "It's a game, it's for fun".

    If you are looking for a casual group of players
    If you are looking for a raiding group
    If you are into roleplaying or just want to join a good virtual band

    Then chances are that the "We Fight For Food" Kinship is what you are looking for!

    Feel free to check our website: www.wefightforfood.com

    Or to look us up on facebook or to subscribe to our YouTube channel
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    We Fight For Food Kinship - Nimrodel Server
    Visit our website or find us on fb :)



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