Hello Nimrodel citizens.

Today is the day that i must say goodbye, we all going to transfer to diffrent servers (or same, depends).
I will really miss you all, even those that I act bad, or those I insulted. I will miss you all, it was an amazing 2 and half years with all of you, I enjoyed it so much!
I want to thank you all that helped my thru my way, and helped me to improve my english, aswell. lol
Im going to seperate my toons between Landroval, Arkenstone and Brandywine (maybe) so if you going there too, search for:

*Arkenstone- Pohjankarhu, Thranlin, Thorendur
*Landroval- Thorenduil, Thorendwe, Thorenbelle
*Brandywine (maybe) - Thorenvalo

Ill miss you all, have fun and enjoy leveling your characters and play lotro!

Happy Hunting, Nimrodel