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    Cool here is a question ...

    i have buy 3 creep .spider warg and ba .and reaver for free..i dont know which is best 4 solo ...in these days .iam playing warg .but i found i just cansolo hunt .or burg .cant kill any other freep..1v1 at same rank ...i just want to know ..which is best to solo ..?i know warg can solo .if cant win ,it can flee ..but i want a class can solo ..no flee ..have fair chance to win ...hear weaver can take warden ..but i want to know .when at high rank .which creep can 1v1 any other freep .?at same rank .have 50% to win?tx all ..

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    I'd say Weaver and Reaver would be best for soloing in their current moors build.
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