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Thread: Class Mounts

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    Class Mounts

    Are the class mounts on a monthly rotation or something? I have my hunter almost to 85 and I would really like to get it but you can only get the champion mount now. I am not sure what the thinking behind only one class mount at a time but that is besides the point. I just want to know when it might be available?

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    The rotation on these has been pretty terrible. I waited 6-7 months for the Steed of the Burglar to pop up. Settled for Steed of Night because I was sick of waiting. Steed of the Burglar popped up with the next change-out. It's kind of infuriating.

    With all the new premium bundles being released, couldn't the class steeds be permanently available? You know, so that there will be more sales? (I know I've said this before, and I'm sure it's being ignored like the last few times, but I'll keep saying it... hoping...)
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    Agreed. I sure hope that I do not have to wait that long. I am not sure what percent of the mounted players own a class war steed but you would think it would be more profitable, on their end, to make them a full time thing.



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