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Thread: Components

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    Hello all...couple of quick questions from a noob crafter....noob player as well (elf hunter).

    Just getting into woodworking...what's the best source of treated planks for a non-forester? I pretty much understand the weaponsmithing...and the prospecting.

    Another question..where can one get polished opals? I know the AH is an option but I don't have tons of money as of yet. Is there a merchant somewhere where I can get low level woodworking/weaponsmithing components? I know suppliers have Lumps of Coal which is needed for lower level stuff but I can't find polished opals anywhere to start making steel stuff.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Resources that need to be processed cannot be purchased from a vendor. Neither can the already processed components.

    If you don't want to use the AH (which I can sometimes understand), then you might try the Trade channel to ask to buy what you need from a player. Try in the Bree area, since those are low level components you are seeking, there should be crafters in Bree at any time of day.

    You could also start another alt that do forestry. Maybe an Explorer. That way, they can collect wood, ore, process hides, and become a Tailor. Just another avenue to consider.
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    The only ways to get Treated Wooden Planks are:

    Forrester : Turns Logs of wood into Planks
    Auction House : Planks being sold by a Forrester
    Players : From a player who is a Forrester by craft.... they may sell you some or may even give them for free

    Same goes for Polished Opals these are from Jewellers
    You may find some Opals in loot. So you could ask a Jeweller to polish them for you
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    For example right now on the Nimrodel server, 65 polished Opals are going for 400 silver.

    There are times when levelling a crafter can be part of a wave of other crafters who are also levelling their crafters and prices can reach way up through the roof. Other times you are alone and can get great prices because you are working on an alt craft that nobody seems to be paying attention to. If you get a sense of who and what is selling which things, it really helps to get prepared for the "auction house mini-game". Some people use the auctions as a storage alternative (ridiculous prices for safe keeping), some try to see what they can squeeze out of unsuspecting players. You have to be careful if you "are not that rich yet".

    Don't be afraid of simply purchasing a stack of polished X, or raw jewels (some want the crafting XP and will pay more for the resource than the component because it is worth their time/money), the game will provide plenty of gold as time goes on. You will accumulate gold and plenty of it. It might just seem that right now, things are tight and you have to make too many decisions that seem expensive.

    And then you get the odd recipe for weaponsmith or metalsmith that requires a polished X, and you wonder where in the heck did your polished jewels get to. Be not so quick to get it right the first time, just be flexible and pay attention to storage. It really clogs up after a while if you like to craft.


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    Thanks for the responses. Think I'm just gonna start an alt and go explorer....or maybe yeoman for the cook/farmer.
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