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Thread: Nurzum

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    I have been going through Update 11 thinking this name sounded really familiar when I checked some of my old paper notes/files (yes I kept logs of stuff back in the day). Seems there was (not sure if there still is) a warg named Nurzum (same name) that was a unique sig (my notes say North Downs) before there were shards...you used his tail in a recipe.

    So is this a Glorfindel thing...a reincarnation...or did U11 Nurz just name his favorite pet junior?

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    Yep, looked in my old files/notebooks etc..(yes, I STILL keep notes, alt-itis..comes in real handy!) There WAS a warg called Nurzum, in N.Downs; Fizen's rare crafting components list says he is level 35, Adamant shard dropper. Seems like they, like we do in real life, run out of names for their offspring maybe? LOL!! Btw, what server do you play on? I am on Brandywine..maybe we can do some questing together?? Either way, had to answer your post..have fun in game!! I know I do, same as I always have since beta!



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