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    Leveling input wanted

    Just a bit of background. I have a few higher level characters and have always been one to try to finish multiple areas(all the quests) in the same level range. Well this time I do not really want to do that and just want to pick a nice leveling path to level my new minstrel up quicker.

    The main thing I am debating about is the Lone Lands and North Downs. Lone Lands has a nice smooth leveling experience but frankly I am getting kind of sick of the area. I more so want to stick with North Downs but I see a lot of people here seem to prefer Lone Lands. So what would all of you suggest? Maybe even a little in one area and then the rest in the other.

    Also what would all of you recommend for a good smooth leveling plan after those areas? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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    as far as i always have understood lonelands lvl-ing goes smoother than north downs... north downs and trollshaws need a bit of reworking in my opinion...
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    I tend to skip them both with alts I that I want to level quickly. Instead, I get up to 25 with a mix of barrow downs, skrimishes and crafting, then head straight to Northcotton Farm and go through Evendim from there, since the quests are much more enjoyable (for me) than either Lonelands or Northdowns. If I keep doing all quests available, I usually catch up with the quest level somewhere between Tinnudir and Ost Forod and start skipping quests again from there.

    After Evendim I usually do quests around Aughaire in western Angmar, including epic Vol 1 Book 6 to gain access to eastern Angmar, then head to Eregion (Gwingris) at 43 and the start of epic Vol 2 (at Echad Dunnan in Eregion) at 45. If I feel overwhelmed I go back to finishing off quests in Annuminas or go a bit deeper into Angmar or Eregion to gain a level or two where necessary.

    I have just recently leveld a loremaster into Moria that way. She has currently reached the Chamber of the Crossroad after questing far enough into the Great Delving and the Silvertine Lodes to finish the quest and explorer deeds, and has only now reached level 50.

    Completing a whole area these days no longer appeals to me, since you always end up outleveling the content quickly, even if you don't hop between areas. My solution to the problem is alts ... I have a runekeeper following the loremaster who is concentrating on those areas the loremaster skipped (western Evendim, southern Eregion etc.).
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    Bramor's advice is pretty good - that is certainly a path that you can take, but that completely skips both lone lands and north downs, and you were specifically asking about the viability of using north downs as a place to level.

    Frankly, the Lone Lands are indeed a better place to level. You'll have a smoother transition from 20-30 there. After that, you can head to Evendim to level 30-40, and easily be ready for Angmar/Misty Mountains/Eregion.

    That said, I recently went through and did ALL the quests in North Downs, and found it to be quite enjoyable. North Downs can easily take you nearly to 40 if you did everything it offered. The problem that this area has is that it is not free, like Lone Lands, so the vast majority of players do lone lands. And because there are a high number fellowship quests in North Downs, it can be difficult to find folks to group with, because they're all in Lone Lands, thus further discouraging people to quest in North Downs. See the problem?

    But I would encourage you to not let that sway you from leveling there. If you have not done it before, it's actually a pretty cool zone, if you can find some folks to run around with. If you have some kinnies that would be willing to join, even better. Plus, you can always swing back to Lone Lands to do some quests there if stuff gets too tough in North Downs.

    As for me, I did all quests in both regions, but I use the xp disabler. I'm leveling my first character to 85, and I want to see all zones at-level. It's taking forever, but it's a lot of fun (I just finished running around thumping goblins on the head to no end in goblin-town.... that place is crazy...)
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Going by what you said Bramor, if you were able to get to Evendim just by doing the things that you listed, then I should be fine sticking with North Downs and then heading to Evendim. The only thing that concerns me is that I might be missing out on some good traits from the Lone Lands. Maybe I can go into the area just to do a few trait related deeds and of course do the epic quest chain there. Then head to North Downs after that.

    Did you find that your alts suffered much from totally skipping an area Bramor? Yeah and you are right Pendragon320 North Downs is a pretty cool zone. I also do remember that it had a lot of group quests though like you said. The bad thing is that I do not usually run around in a full group. But the good thing is that I always have a good leveling partner to group with if need be. Maybe the two of us can get some of it done. Especially being that I am a Minstrel.

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    For most of North Downs, you do not need a full group. Obviously, the more you have, the faster everything will go, but if you're careful, two of you should be able to do a lot of it.

    The only area where you really need close to a full group is the Dol Dinen area, but those are mostly 30+ level quests, and you'll most likely be in Evendim by then. I'd say go for it!



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