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    Captain Moors solo/1v1 guide (just one cappy's point of wiev)

    Hello, i would like to share some of my solo pvp experiences mostly to give new moors captains some ideas but also to possibly give some old
    ones a fresh point of wiev mostly because some things changed with RoR and i will try to give an opinion on u10 as i have played some beta.

    Starting with my build, by default i run with 5 red traits (renewed voice, expert attacks, turn of the tide, loyalty and battle-master)
    and 2 blue traits (strenght from within and now for wrath)
    Legendaries: Red cap, OBs, idome

    This build gives me good dps, sturdier pet and decent self heals with power return in longer fights. There are better ways to go sometime when you know what
    you will be up against but this is how i run around. For example going Relentless Optimism or Defiance for short fights or Blue cap for a boring power battle
    against a defiler.

    My default way of running around is also with a blade broed hope herald.
    This has pros and cons but IMO pros win.

    Cons: lower max morale, lower mastery, no 5% dmg buff and might/agi or mits buff when the war/CF banner is dropped.
    Pros: Blade bro skills (inspire power and morale heal, to arms dmg buff, SoW attack duration buff). More buttons to press but a better attack duration
    to help press them all. With RoR pets are tougher by a lot and blade bro SoW is buffed.

    My usual virtues: honour, zeal, fidelity, tolerance and valour.
    NOTE: discipline should be just as good as valour and the resistance build (confidence, patience added at the cost of morale or tac mit) is
    something i need to experiment more.

    My usual armour: 5 85 command pieces and pereverance boots (not sure if this is best for stats, just how i run).
    My build with 4 perseverance and 2 loyalty (gloves, helm) is also pretty viable with good stats and has an option to click perseverance gloves for the Make Haste
    NOTE: Macroing the 5 pieces of the old OD t2 Cry of the West is viable if you have a good computer and you are not in a laggy situation. Personally, i can not
    do it in faster fights against ranged classes and often i lag too much against melee when i do it. It will lag less in u10 tho.
    2nd NOTE: with U10 and the armour bonuses revamp the general way to solo will certainly be 4 Command and 2 Perseverance, 2 Perseverance and 4 Loyalty will be
    an extremely interesting option for raids. Also, macroing OD VS bonus set will need 4 pieces and it will be less laggy due to less bonuses.
    3rd NOTE: the Tognir mot is still nice.
    4th NOTE: 2 Dagor could be good in u10 for some situations, i will test it.

    My usual jewells and cloak:
    Earring of the defiant -> Earring of the necromancer's tower
    Knight's platinum stud
    Battle bracelet of Eomer -> Bangle of Echoing battle
    Battle bracelet of Eomer
    Set of Moors rings
    Vit neck of Eomer -> ToO might neck
    Vit pocket of Eomer -> Confiscated Journal
    Vit cloak of Eomer -> Draigoch might cloak

    The x->y means that as the battle progresses and my morale gets down i switch x for y manually (clicking) or with macro (macroing jewellery is
    less laggy than Armour sets)
    I want to start with good max morale and mits while still having very good might and crit and then later on swap to less max morale and defence but
    more offence and crit.

    Legendary Items:
    2h sword - To arms duration, Telling mark dmg, Dev blow crit, cutting attack bleed, Elendil dmg, might (with a u10 FA adding Kick or Fate probably)
    (1h dmg just doesnt do it but it is nice when in a bigger group doing more of a support/healing job)
    emblem - RC c/d, RC healing, Vocal healing, MC c/d, SL c/d, might (yes, if you have good crit it is better to focus on vocal than on melee heals, even
    with the herald). IDK about u10, will make a heal emblem 1st, then a dps weapon then a better moors emblem if i still have the will adding melee heals,
    GW c/d or fate.

    NOTE: this is ofc supported with a buff weapon (mot, parry (to herald), crit (to self), Make haste duration) and a buff-c/d-leech lvl 60 emblem (ToN c/d, ToN
    morale cost, EfD c/d, SoW effects, SoD c/d, WoC pulses)
    2nd NOTE: you can also sometime use your tank LIs when running around the map and suspecting a warg jump or fighting a warg (swap during pounce to normal)
    and you can use 1h and shield any time you are ranged in a 1v1 and, for some reason, cant get to your target fast but only if you can swap very fast.
    3rd NOTE: Having a PA weapon is not needed for 1v1s but useful in a lot of other PvP and PvE situations

    2x True setting of the North (morale, crit, inc healing)
    2x simple gems with crit and vit (crit and fate probably in u10), True gem of the rising moon is also not bad
    2x True rune of the white Mountains (attack duration gimme gimme, masteries and agi (i wish it if was fate with u10)
    2x newest might crafted relics (even for solo the fate ones will be temping with u10 but probably wont use them for solo)

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    Alright, lets get to creep classes one by one to discuss how to best kill those creepoes.


    Probably the most underpowered creep class now, at least against a captain.
    If a shadow warg attacks you you need to respond fast. React fast to pot 1st stun. Try to slow him and do melee heals and a shot for DB crit then try to catch a breath with good
    movement to do MC, ToN, SoW, To Arms and then go kick him. This would be ideal but very often, and you must recognize when, you will not have time for the
    SoW or TA animation, no morale to spare for ToN... Then you must just go kick him fast with the response rotation and bleeds while remembering to renew
    your VS, inspire and MC. Of course, try fit in defensive and sure strike, the reduced attack duration lets you do it all!

    If a shadow warg goes for your herald 1st just kill it fast with telling mark, uncheck pet's heal, use IHW, do melee heals and dps, do not spam WoC, maybe go
    to your more dpsish build from start.
    A warg is making a mistake there, but maybe not if he can recover from the old battle and start a new one while you are confused. That is not likely tho.

    A flayer warg is one of those longer battles, if he goes for you and you keep your heals and dps up you should not have many problems especially if
    the crit serves you well. If he goes for your pet respond like said earlier and maybe put in some, but not many!, WoCs. Do not go away much away from the pet
    if he does this, he will try to kite/slow/dps pet.
    Do not have the warg get his defeat event, dismiss pet at 1.5-2k.
    Even when your pet is gone your survivability will be almost the same and your power decent to carry on the fight.
    If he does a bleed/kite rotation thats a viable strategy and you have to deal with it, you have your bleeds and MC and stuffs. however, if the kites
    start to last 20s or more he got lame.

    Wargs have 2 disease debuffs: +40% power cost and + 25% attack duration. Against a shadow warg try to pot the attack duration and against the flayer one its
    debatable, power if you have power problems and if the fight has a lot of kite/move on the run character, attack duration if you are spending much time close to
    A good warg will try to choose which disease you can pot with putting the one he wants to stay second.
    If he has his way with it pot the 1st one nevertheless.


    Reavers are very powerful atm, very much raw power and decent self-heals. But a cappy has his chance and will not bend over. He will give a good fight and
    lose only to the best ones (if the Crit-God Criteus/Critollo blesses you win against any!)

    Even here i also mostly stay true to the herald phylosophy.
    At first sight that could seem bad to you because you have less max morale but lets discuss it more:

    If he goes for you first you reveal mark him and try to overpower him with superior attack duration. Kite or fight on the move during his wrath and
    when his wrath is over be close to him and do as much as you can.
    If you move a lot while he has wrath and you fight with your pet he will probably try to benefit from wrath on your pet. You need to keep pressure on him then and have good movement with yourself and pet (try to make the pet move and you move
    so that he never gets to frontal aoe both). Try to save the pet as said previously in the warg section, dps reaver, melee heals, IHW, try to crit, one WoC (rarely
    more, never much).
    If he does not go to pet during wrath and you move well just keep up the dps and heals after wrath is gone, you will not be very disadvantaged.
    If he keeps switching a lot between you and pet you basically won. Always try to provoke this but never rely on it.
    If he switches to pet when you start moving good on wrath and sticks with it try to prolong its death as much as you can (again, not with WoC spam) and
    then dismiss around 2k (just click the war/CF banner or even hope if you have a RC and another heal or two ready).

    He can of course just start the battle with killing the pet. Then you are almost where you were at the last of the upper IFs.
    Try to prolong death while keeping pressure then dismiss. At the dismiss point it could happen that the reaver is very close to its max morale and to you
    it might seem like the whole thing was no good. But it is not so bad, he spent his dps rotation or two and his wrath while you are at max morale so its
    a better start than just starting with the banner.

    If you see him in the field try to mount to him and slow. If you are on foot or you think that reaver would not run away start with threathing shout to
    immediately get him in combat to prevent charge.
    Try to do SoW/ToN/WC/TA/MC as he comes/charges to you or some of those before if you can predict what is happening well.
    Start the battle with the slow and one try at DB crit then melee heals then usual stuff.
    Keep that MC going and always do Inspire and VS when they are up!
    Try to pot that wound miss chance debuff.
    Use OBs in the first part of the battle to build up advantage, not as a desparation skill.


    BAs are very annoying with their hinder-spam but it can be countered. Do not ever be ashamed to use coffee and especially not here.
    Its not only Hinder, its the good dps (ranged and melee), traps, CC.
    Hinder is a 40% speed debuff but against your coffee and cutting attack it becomes only a 5% advantage and with the way BAs skirmish its almost
    even then.
    A BA that knows what he is doing will never go for the pet and it can not be forced to do so this is the time i consider the banner but still prefer the
    herald if i can get the buffs going good before or at the very start.
    Cutting attack must always be the first thing you do when you get in melee range. If the BA is very distant move to him from cover to cover or just wait
    at a place where you can break LoS. If you meet at a wide and plain area and the fights starts at a great range you will have a bad time and will probably
    have to blow Make haste at start.
    If the start of the battle is good for you (you get the slow on early and before the battle of after the slow you got the buffs going) you have a good chance.
    If you can do Make Haster after or shortly before he uses Evade you are in a great position. If you are running 4->5 or 5 pers or command with
    a fast pers macro the best moment to use it is after you are snare-trapped.
    There is little room for mistake with a BA and things must be done swiftly or can just remain kept at a distance and/or die really quick without doing much.
    If you can do a routing cry stun during his evade time that would be great. its only 1.5s and it can be potted of course to make it nothing but at least the
    stun animation, reaction to pot and shake-off animation will set the BA back a bit and he can not evade during that time.
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    The combination of CC, debuffs and bleeds which can be done fast along with the good fighting on the move and moderate defences and self-heals a spider can do is
    pretty bad news for a captain but you can do your best to counter it and give a good fight.

    Try to enter the fight prepared, if it starts at a big range you are disadvantaged (tho not nearly as much as you would be against a BA).

    The crutial thing is to kill the pet fast, the spider will try to put as many dots as he can on you while CCing you to prolong its life.
    After the 1st CC the spider does on you go for your root, stun/daze and maybe fear pot, blow OBs and kill that pet fast with your best burst and melee heals.
    Yes, this makes you waste all your pots and OBs but you kill the pet extremely sure and fast and besides, a spider has its own way to respond to
    OBs - TC watch for its icon!. This also lets you keep your pet for a longer time or permanently as the spider now has to put in good movement and
    reduce its dps.
    Oh, and if both pet and master are in your PA range use it!
    Do not let it use the webs slow effect more than once on you per use, move well. Do not forget your band of fury! Use it at the beginning of the fight if you
    can to boost your good start.
    When the pet is down its just a hard battle to keep up the run and hit it while he bleeds and CCs you. It is not easy but with a good advantage you get at
    the beginning its possible.
    Watch out for TC reflect icon.


    Always one of the three long fights (flayer warg, WL, defiler).

    If i go standard traits with herald (power herald is good here if you have the chance to get it out before the fight but with a hope herald its also good)
    its often a fun fight really.
    Go with your might/crit setup from the start! Arrival of u10 and the availability to costumize oneself with more fate efficiently will be most welcome here.

    Start with telling mark and keep it all the time except when you are yourself at big danger (but idk how you could be, at least when the pet is still on).
    If he goes for you try to heal yourself as scarcely as possible, let him taste victory and he will try to push to end it while not healing. you should be able to pick
    yourself up any time if not extremely too late.
    With pet alive and good crit you should have enough power to keep pushing at all times. WL will not break you. If you are good at saving herald from reckless,
    continuous push you might even leave him out of power while your power is very good.

    If, or better to say - when, the WL starts to push your pet use common preserving tactic: push on WL strong, ihw, melee heals, one Woc once in a while (but not
    big WoC spam!), OBs to scare him off. Try to move around good with pet on follow and sometime even press the stay command to confuse him if the situation
    is right.
    When your pet is up try to get the fight away from his banners. But he can just as easily go back to him and you lose momentum if letting him go.
    You always need to stay close.

    A lot of good WLs can manage to get your pet down eventually, this is bad news for you but it does not mean to give up.
    Throw down your power banner. You probably do not have enough power now to keep pushing relentlessly but still good enough to keep doing the whole or a part
    of your main response rotation to keep the battle going and look for crits. at this point it will be a boring battle of both of you trying to muster power
    for a push on another which will mostly be repelled.
    Pot the BS fear when you need to but not when trying to provoke a push on self.
    Often results in both giving up.

    And there is the boring blueline... Superior power preservation and bigger heals for your pet but much less dps.


    More annoying than the spider but hopefully things will pick up big time here with u10 with fly nerf and gearing fate.
    Same as with WL go with the might/crit/icpr gear from the start.
    Try to stay close and keep blowing it up.
    When blight comes use your pet commands so try not getting it in and certainly not making it stay. Move good yourself too, try not staying in
    but dont stack many blight dots on yourself either. Move around it sometime even at a cost of losing pace for a moement.

    Then come the flies... a defiler that is not utterly bad will run you out of power in a minute or two with flies when you are in redline.
    A sad, lame defeat will follow. Or a run for it if you are not in an aranged 1v1.

    I do not like blueline for solo much but against a defiler who has all his skills it is the only way to have a somewhat interesting fight currently.
    Do what you would do in red, dps build, keep up pace, watch blight and song bro your herald and spam inspire whenever you can. Try to get crits.
    Sometime try to get fly aggro with pet and use the stay command then. Pressing attack when you have both in melee range.
    This is still a long fight.

    About diseases, try to pot Curse of Deadly Sorrows (fate, might, tac mastery, armour debuff) or if you can not pot it pot Curse of the Melancholic Heart
    (outgoing healing debuff).

    Some more general things:

    Power pot using is needed in the longer fights and Tonic usage is encouraged at the beginning of the fight or any time you are about to do a power consuming
    It is maybe not a bad idea to switch to a PvE set when an opponent with lesser dps is going for your pet if you can do it fast, if your opponent can not CC you
    well and if you are good with power. It is something i yet have to test. I will certainly test Dagor soon.

    I can not think of anything else now, probably i forgot things i will addon later if they come to me or if you remind me.

    Please post any opinions, suggestions, corrections, approval, ideas, mathematical arguments, disapproval or questions.

    And i know this is very much text with no bolding, underlining, different font size...
    I at least tried to organize paragraphs as best as i could.
    I will probably edit it to make it more attractive later. But enough for now .

    Show everyone what cappies have in them!


    UPDATE: U10 view and some additional info about 10 posts below in another long post
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    Nice. and +rep for guide.
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    This is a wonderful guide. I'll be reading it over much more closely later. At this time, however, I wonder if you or others could go into further depth on how to beat a R8+ flayer warg who is stacking Improved Rabid Bite behind Flea Bitten. My fights tend to drag on and on against these wargs (10 minutes or more), and I usually end up dying after fighting with no or minimal power for several minutes. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that there was no window to pot Rabid Bite; that they apply Flea Bitten, then Rabid Bite, but maybe I haven't been paying enough attention.

    Very nice work and much appreciated.
    Hromgar, Captain
    Wardens of Numenor, Landroval

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    Quote Originally Posted by borges_maze View Post
    This is a wonderful guide. I'll be reading it over much more closely later. At this time, however, I wonder if you or others could go into further depth on how to beat a R8+ flayer warg who is stacking Improved Rabid Bite behind Flea Bitten. My fights tend to drag on and on against these wargs (10 minutes or more), and I usually end up dying after fighting with no or minimal power for several minutes. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that there was no window to pot Rabid Bite; that they apply Flea Bitten, then Rabid Bite, but maybe I haven't been paying enough attention.

    Very nice work and much appreciated.
    Yes, they like to do flies debuff than the power cost one so you can not pot the power cost.
    Inspire spam and good crit is needed here. Power potting is a must.
    A tonic use is good during one round of dps when rabid bite is on.
    You can always pot the 1st disease he puts on you but not the 2nd.
    So if he wants to debuff your power he will go flies then rabid bite. Pot the flies as they last for 45s and rabid bite lasts for 1m. After 30s pot the rabid bite. He can now re-apply the rabid bite and you can pot it or he can wait 15s to do flies then followed by rabid bite.

    With the blade bro buffs, ToN->WC and some crit luck to RC, one power pot and tonic you should be able to even pot flies instead of Rabid bite at first, get his morale down and force him to not spend so much time around you any more but resort to kiting/bleeding.
    It worked for me with r10/11 wargs. Tho i am not sure if they used the diseases best they could and did they have improved Rabid bite. A couple of them did.
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    1v1 actually happens in the Moors?

    Not on my server
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    Well done Pero. I run very similarly and have found some success. Sometimes I wish I could see the faces of some of the FoTM reavers when they just lost to a cappy that they thought they could just roll, the good ones still own me though.

    This and Armitas previous PVP build guide should be must reads for any aspiring moors cappy.
    Gungus - Captain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremi View Post
    1v1 actually happens in the Moors?

    Not on my server
    Not trying to start an argument here but, please make this statement after you have spent more than a couple days in Nim's moors.
    Gungus - Captain

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    Quote Originally Posted by gungus_coyote View Post
    Not trying to start an argument here but, please make this statement after you have spent more than a couple days in Nim's moors.
    I spent a couple of weeks investigating the pvp aspects of this game by going to the moors, and I found 1v1 fights so rare it was basically non-existent. To me PvP on Nimrodel was nothing but a massive slaughter-fest, and unless you have an entire raid backing you up prepare to be mercilessly pummeled by huge numbers where ever you go. In other words, I think going into the Moors solo is basically a form of suicide.

    About the fairest odds I ever encountered was 5 vs 1. So if you want 1v1 fights I would suggest dueling, cause you sure aren't going to get much of it going into the moors. At least not in my experience ^^
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    Hello, i am already have an idea about an update to this.

    This guide is still current because the principles of fighting each enemy has not changed.

    What needs to be done though is adding my thoughts on the new hit/be hit bonuses, new bubble and dps gear setups (not having all pieces i want yet but i have a checklist of what i want) and, as i predicted, an icpr build for special purposes.
    Thinking about some other experiments and a bit of a revisit to banners, will post about it.

    I will also review the guide to add any fact or tip i forgot to put in.

    And yes, i understand how under normal open pvp circumstances its all zerg but there are 1v1 circles and arranged fights i often participate in. Also my server is small and when huting around in certain times of day i can run into solo players and small groups often.
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    Hello, sorry for taking so long to update this.
    This is only an addition and update to the three original posts so please read them first if just starting here

    Strategies for facing each creep class are still pretty much the same and i still like my herald.
    Shadow warg still just react fast, flayer wargs are now more rare but even more easy.
    Reaver try to adopt to him going for you or for pet as described, beat it with superior selfheals and strong dps that you now have.
    Weaver kill pet fast as described above then keep up respond to slows, CC and keep heals up, switch fast to 1h-shield if you can and if needed.
    Good kiting BA - also more info above that is till good. Circle around and blow up Keen eye.

    When u10 just came out i did not need NFW, now fate icpr is not so OP as before but i still mostly do not need it.
    Only things you need it against is good WLs, defilers and some flayer wargs.
    But that is considering that:
    1. You both want to start the fight knowing how would it be
    2. They dont try to kill but you just heal
    3. If 2. is the case he could be calling out or trolling so you can walk away

    If they try to fight me not only heal i can often get a defiler or WL down before i run out of power even without NFW in glass cannon/fate gear and redline.
    Just keep telling mark and use other cries on crit not RC, pick yourself up with Inspire, MC, VS mostly when needed.
    But in the field finding a solo WL/defiler/flayer warg who is good enough to have a power fight against you and then deplete you from it while you both decide to stick with the fight is probably 1% of your solo encounters, so by default i now run RO instead of NFW.
    With NFW and redline a WL, defiler or flayer warg can not possibly win, always blow it up even if healing much. Even without NFW you can still tie them any time you want and, from my experience, still mostly win if they are not just healing.
    Your RO is for surprising reavers with how much you can heal while dealing good dps. And for BAs and spiders same thing.
    Shadow wargs too but they were not a problem for a long time anyway. Maybe two of them it gets useful .

    Gear is what needs to be updated most, as there are lots of new good options.
    For me it looks like this now:
    Earring of the defiant -> Wrath Unleashed (there is an identical one to this somewhere in OD (disease or poison i think), one similar from Fornost somewhere with one less slice of PM and a slice of parry is ok also, Necro tower can still serve too)
    Earring from Bells
    Battle bracelet of Eomer -> Bangle of Echoing battle (dont have HV or Annu gold one yet )
    Battle bracelet of Eomer (would use one from Fornost shadow if i had it, Wildermore one thats coming up will be great)
    Vitality crit defence/inc healing proc ring rotating with might HoT proc ring
    Might crit proc ring
    Shiny starblossom neck of endurance -> Shiny wyrmfire neck of defence
    Vit pocket of Eomer -> Flask of rancid oil
    Vit cloak of Eomer -> cloak from Bells

    Also, during those mentioned longer fights when you do not have NFW and your crit does not give you power so directly you might wish to have some gear with more fate at hand such as:
    Norbury man's wool cloak (fornost water)
    Flask of Nenuial waters (annu gling)
    Purloined dwarf-make bracelet (IotF) x2
    Shiny wyrmfire necklace of battle

    The new weapon i made has To arms, dev blow crit, telling mark, CA bleed, BoE dmg, Battle states and might (made during early u10, i was mourning about melee power cost but turned out to be not that needed).
    New emblem - RC c/d and healing and vocal healing. SL, GW and MC cooldowns. might
    (read more about auxillary LIs in the original post)

    Relics same as in original post only the gem is now Great river tier Wizard's Vale one with crit, fate, icpr

    As we had predicted, 4 command and 2 pers (make perses not be gloves, chest, helm) with switching to two more pers when needed is best for soloing now.
    There is the OD set switch option but i hardly ever actually used tho it lags less now.

    Make sure that, in combat options, you have skill forwarding enabled, that way you can do some WoC on pet more easily (but still keep pressure much more than WoC spam, sometime with OBs)
    Against non-inducting classes you can use kick to speed up MC animation when you want to stay in melee when doing it.

    Some myths:
    1. dps oriented LIs and build while using 1h and shield - didnt test it and probably wont, seems like too low dps, probably busted if tested
    2. no need for RO - yes, we have seen, mostly confirmed
    3. resistance virtues - interesting one i made, probably will test soon. Idea is to go full resistance with virtues sacrificing some max morale and tac mit mostly from your standard ones. With resistance food added on you should have 10-15% resistance chance after counting enemy finesse and since a lot of creep power comes from debuffs, dots and CC it might just be worth it. Surely comes in handy when attacking a small group for low-medium ranks which i often do lately.

    I could not understand people that said captain is the weakest pvp class before and i certanly cant understand people that claim it even now.
    It does not take much skill to play well as much as a great build and a certain playstyle and strategy that requires different gear and deviates from normal captain play a lot so many do not get into it.

    I do not group as much as i solo but i believe i can give some advice there too.

    If you are grouped suddenly and in your solo traits you can still contribute much but not to the fullest.
    The preferable traits for that would be something like RO, BoN, NFW, SfW, WoC trait, Defiance, Renewed voice.
    Variations with composure, tactical provess or expert attacks instead of something are good.

    Legendaries i do most in group/raid are OBs, SotD and IDoME. Blue cap can also be good instead some of those three if your group lacks heals. Then definetely song bro the healer in your group. Going 4 Hytbold healer with 2 Pers is good anyhow but especially with that blue cap and if you know the enemy will target many before you (good enemy leader will often notice your armour appearance and target you more but it is often worth it).

    When in raid/group definetely go with a build with more max morale/mits but still keeping a good amount of might/crit. You can lose more might than you might think as the loss will not affect your heals so much and it is important that you stay alive and do those heals while keeping buffs and being ready to rezz. One hander and shield works really good in big groups where your personal dps doesnt count for much.

    You must strive to give your group/raid a good advantage at the very beginning!
    - do WC as early as you can
    - if you are ambushing an enemy you can start with ToN->WC and blade bro for first 25s at least.
    - Use Make Haste at the beginning of the battle to gain advantage rather than keeping it for retreat
    - go OB on important enemy member as soon as the bubbles are forced out
    - SotD the healer in your group the first time it gets into big danger of dying
    - IHW (but not immediatelly LS too) if multiple people in your group are under bigger pressure or if healer is in trouble and Bubble is on c/d already
    - yes, tend to do all those c/ds the first time they are really needed, creating a good start is important

    Dpsing following the assist target as your raid leader tells you is good, especially since now you can combine Command and Pers so well and keep the incoming dmg debuff.
    But you can also opt to find the biggest enemy ranged stack (defilers, BAs, spiders) and keep Pressing Attack going to get even more cries and set back some of their inductions. Another reason why i do this is because following target results in targeting a creep that has all the hots and dots and stuffs on it and it makes me lag greatly in bigger raid action.

    In a raid i would think 4 loyalty and 2 pers could work good with debuffing enemy inc healing. I have not done it myself yet.
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    Defensive strike armour buff became a more important legacy than it used to be because many creeps by now realised that because of current freep gear options, will-changes and virtue preferences it is better to untrait fire/shadow damage, especially in raids but also by default when running around.

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    Thanks + rep from me



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