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    Need some help understanding how major/minor legacy upgrades work

    this is not a discussion about whether the current system is good or bad . I plain don't understand a couple fo things an need some help.

    I understand what the tiers are, but I don't understand how you get new upgrade scrolls except for totally random.

    All (or certainly most) of mine have come from deconstructing a LI weapon. I get a choice of about 3-5 I think when I deconstruct. But I don't understand what (if anything) controls the choice of the legacies and more importantly the tier of the legacy.

    Does it make a difference where I have points invested when I deconstruct? Does the number of points invested on a legacy impact the chance that it is one of my options when I deconstruct?

    Is the whole process random? or is there something I can do about it. Up to now I have been amazingly unlucky LOL!! But I can't complain since I wasn't thinking about the process to much. I also have forgotten to check what I have in the bank first LOL. Pretty stupid. I have 5 "Aoe Skill Maximum Targets" at tier 4-5 for example!

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    When you decon an LI that is item level 30 or above, you can pull off one of the legacies currently on it. The tier it's at doesn't matter: when you apply the scroll to another LI, it will be tier 2. Points invested currently doesn't matter. I don't think there are ANY restrictions on what legacies you can pull off, except maybe stat legacies.

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    Thanks for feedback.

    I've got some that say upgrade to tier 2, others that say upgrade to tier 4. What controls the tier of the upgrade? I feel like I'm missing something. Is there a way to progress these and get higher and higher upgrades?

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    level 65 stat legacies apply at tier 4. everything else applies at tier 2. After you apply a legacy you can use scrolls of empowerment to increase the tier.

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    I never thought about it: Is there a restriction on removing stat legacies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheery View Post
    I never thought about it: Is there a restriction on removing stat legacies?
    Yes, you can't.



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