I'd like some advice on the choice of legacies for hunter LIs.

Major Legacies: [Which ones are best and why?]
Induction Bow Critical Multiplier
Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
Ranged Skill Evade Chance Modifier
Ranged Skill Block Chance Modifier
Induction Bow Power Cost
Merciful Shot cooldown
Focus Bow Power Cost
Strength Quick Shot Slow
Quick Shot Critical Rating

Minor Legacies: [Which ones are best and why?]
Ranged Evade Rating
Distracting Shot Resistance Penetration
Burn Hot Damage
Induction Bow Threat
Focus Bow Threat
Heart Seeker Damage
Endurance Quick Shot Threat
Barbed Arrow Bleed Damage
Distracting Shot Cooldown

Melee Weapon
Major Legacies: [Which ones are best and why?]
Melee Critical Multiplier
Blindside Critical Rating
Needful Haste Duration
Beneath Notice Cooldown
Find the Path Movement bonus
Improved Strength Of Earth Morale Regen
Precision Stance Critical Magnitude
AoE Skills Maximum Targets

Minor Legacies: [Which ones are best and why?]
Desperate Flight Cooldown
Stealth Detection
Swift Stroke Parry/Evade Rating Buff
Low Cut Bleed Chance
Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance
Melee Critical Rating
Press Onward Cooldown
Traited Intent Concentration Power bonus

It would help if someone to tell me which ones are the best, which ones should never be selected and which ones are useful sometimes under certain conditions (like a raid).

Hope someone can help me here...