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    Looking for a crafting profession to make money.

    Haven't played in a couple of years and my friend got me back into the game. He suggested Scholar to bring in cash on the auction house, but it kind of looks to me like the scholar economy (as I recall it used to be dye) has crashed. Selling pretty cheap.

    I've read a lot of forum posts, but many of them are from 2011/2012 and from this board it looks like the economy has changed a lot since then. So I'm not sure that dye is still a fast way to turn cash from crafting.

    On the other hand I loaded up an old character that still had some ingots in his inventory and those sold like hot cakes.

    If I am strictly interested in using my crafting profession for money - what should I choose?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Making money with crafting

    My first choice would be farmer / cooking. you can farm the required mats and sell them or convert to food and sell it.

    Farming mats and cooking alwais sell well at AH.

    the more tedious would be jeweler since there is new wildermore guilded jewels that almost everyone want they sell High at AH but its 1 per week.

    Hope it help

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    Any craft that has a prospector.

    Some of the lower level gems (unpolished) have been in demand by people paying for materials to level their crafting alts since Rohan came out. Inflation has hit those items hard.

    I've managed to get a fair amount of gold on several characters on a couple of servers doing this.



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