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    Symbol of Aragorn?

    Outside of the Tree of Gondor, does Aragorn have any symbol that represents him?

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    Arwen made a flag which Aragorn used in the thick of battle in pellenor fields, the flag was black all though with the white tree and seven starts above it and a crown.

    This is also the symbol Elendil used in his Ships when Numenor sank beneath the waves, Its the highest symbol of kings of Gondor.
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    Aragorn is a walking collection of symbols. He inherited everything from the history of both kingdoms. His devices are the devices of the King. If he had a personal seal later, we don't know of it.

    As Al. said, the banner of the Reunited Kingdom combining the devices of Arnor (7 stars), Gondor (White Tree) and the royal line of Elendil (surmounted by a winged crown) all on sable field.

    Then the royal symbols of distinction: the winged crown of Gondor and the Elendilmir of Arnor (Star of Elendil). In fact, 2 Elendilmirs. One that descended from Silmarien, the daughter of the 4th King of Numenor, and that was lost with Isildur (later found by Saruman and confiscated by Aragorn at last). And the replica made for Valandil in Imladris that all the kings of Arnor, Arthedian, and the chieftains of the Rangers wore.

    Also the Elessar or the Elfstone. One or maybe 2 green jewels. Also known as the Stone of Earendil. It's the stone Galadriel presented to Aragorn in Lorien along with the name prophesied for him - same one as of the jewel, Elessar.

    And the Star of the Dunedain of course, the silver many-rayed star brooch all the Rangers wore.

    And then there's a number of other artifacts that go with his royal position...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Egorvlad View Post
    And then there's a number of other artifacts that go with his royal position...
    Let's see here...

    Ring of Barahir
    Sceptre of Annuminas
    Crown of Gondor (now Crown of the Reunited Kingdom)
    Crown of Arnor (now Crown of the Reunited Kingdom)
    Narsil (now Anduril)
    Elendilmir (second, first was lost)
    Every one of the remaining Palantir (though he only uses the one from Orthanc)
    Star of the Dunedain brooche
    Lothlorien brooche and cloak
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    Did I miss anything?
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    Arnor did not have a crown. In keeping with Numenorean tradition, the scepter was the mark of royalty. That of Annuminas was brought out of Numenor by Elendil, where it had been the scepter of the Lords of Andunie. The Elendilmir, a white jewel worn on a slender silver filleton the brow, was crown-like, I suppose.

    But Aragorn's chief distinguishing emblem was the elf-stone given him by Galadriel in token of his betrothal to Arwen, from which he received his regnal name, Elessar, from the people of Gondor.

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    that is epic. +Rep
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