The Thieves Guild is recruiting

The Thieves Guild is a social, chatty, active kin.

Who?: We welcome all ages, lvls, races, classes and vocations. We're a mix of VIP and non-VIP, from low level up to lvl 85.

What are we like?: We're funny and talkative, and there's great camaraderie among us, strong sense of kinship. We help each other a lot, sharing mats, crafting stuff for each other and helping each other lvl and become stronger players. We have a lot of social events, both planned and spontaneous.

What do we do?: Lots of raids, skirms, instances to help each other lvl, have fun, and complete deeds. We fellowship with each other on quests, go hunting. We have parties and fun events.

When are we online?: We have members from the East Coast and West Coast US, many from the UK, other parts of Europe and Australia. It's rare that no one is online, and a good dozen of us from all those time zones are extremely active. Personally, I'm on almost daily.

Rank, etc?: Rank 7 as of March 2013 with a kinhouse (it's totally sweet), and a facebook group (closed to members, but all members are granted access). Additionally, we are a subsidiary of Army of Middle Earth (AME), which is a lvl 50+ kinship, and we regularly have joint events with them. Our members can opt to join AME at lvl 50 or stay in Thieves Guild and help lower lvl players (some of us have an alt in each, too).

Who to Contact: Between these folks, I should have covered all the time zones :-)
Freidah (leader), Blitho (co-leader), Chaeldrien, Lurid, Lliol, Saylinda, Tostido, Duganleaf, Dryn, Samo, Pendraken, Sylvr, Eodelia, Coddex, blitho, ect...

We look forward to meeting you!