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    Crickhollow RP Hub (Collection of all things RP)

    So, I went through everything here in the Crickhollow forum today looking for something like this. We don't have one. While we do have a site similar to the Laurelin Archives, it has no content and hasn't been updated since F2P went active, by the looks of it.

    So, want this thread to be able to be a one-stop center for everything RP-related, instead of having to sift through everything.

    Second Breakfast: http://secondbreakfast.guildlaunch.com/
    Mist and Shadow: http://mistandshadow.guildlaunch.com/
    Durin's Folk (All Dwarf kinship): http://durinsfolk.onlinewebshop.net/index.html
    Daro a Maetho (All Elf kinship): http://daroamaetho.guildlaunch.com/

    Elevenses: Hosted by Second Breakfast at the Bird & Baby Inn in the Shire on Sundays at 11 am, and Mondays at 11 pm for food, dancing, and music. (Times in EST)

    Bread & Jam Session: Head to the Prancing Pony on Fridays between 8 and 10 pm for music, dance, ale, and food.

    If you think I should add something, please let me know. This is my first attempt at something like this.
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    When I saw this, I was thinking you were talking about the main hangouts. lol

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    Nope, but I could add those, I guess. People do seem curious to find out where those are.

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    Updated with several kinships and events.

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    The current state of rp on Crickhollow

    At the time this thread was originally created, back in the Summer of last year, role-playing on Crickhollow was still fairly active. A player could visit the Prancing Pony at least and expect to find something going on there.. characters standing around engaged in dialogue, etc. At least a couple of players transferred their characters over to Landroval at that time. And now when I see others with white rp text its almost always safe to assume that these players are not interested in role-playing but instead prefer the white rp text so as to make their character stand out more. Is this true?

    Is rp completely dead on our server? Is there any chance of reviving something? Players' characters need not be in the same kinship to rp together, though it helps. It may be best that they aren't though so that the politics which so often taints kinships doesn't get in the way. A GuildLaunch page might even be created for players who want to rp together without necessarily forming a new group. Another option would be for players who are interested in roleplaying to all create new characters and form a role-playing group together, and after a general theme has been decided, to create a new kinship for that purpose.
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    Elevenses and Bread & Jam are still alive, but they generally only offer light RP to go along with the focus on music. I still see interest in RP even if there are only limited outlets, and I've heard that Daro a Maetho is gearing up again. Even the Pony has some life every now and then, but as a passive observer I can't say if they would see another interested party as a mere interloper.

    If you decide to get something going, I'll certainly pass it along to my kinmates and put you in touch with interested parties. It isn't really a part of my own play, but I do know people who would love to get involved if someone is willing to lead the charge again.
    Rosalie from Crickhollow's Second Breakfast
    Community events reporter at lotroplayers.com
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    Durin's Day: October 14th at 12pm in Thorin's Hall. Details soon!
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    Visit secondbreakfast.guildlaunch.co m & crickhollowmusic.guildlaunch.c om
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    Our weekly events--Fridays 9pm: Bread & Jam at the Prancing Pony
    Saturdays 1pm: Breakfast Club plays at Bree-town's South Gate
    Saturdays 4:30pm: Dulcet Tones play at the fountain in front of the Pony
    Sundays at 11am and Mondays at 11pm: Elevenses at the Bird & Baby
    Wednesdays at 11am & 10:30pm: Midweek Tunes & Ales around Eriador
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Find out about the kinships of Crickhollow at crickhollowkins.tumblr.com
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