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    What has the players council accomplished thus far?

    Everyone is dying to know

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    Good question. But i don't think things will change in such a short time as it is. It takes time.

    We also cant forget they are under a NDA.

    Just because they aren't saying whats going on doesn't mean that nothing is going on.

    I don't think the council works how you think it's supposed to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exion_Blade View Post
    I don't think the council works

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    We haven't experienced a single gameplay update that was started after the council was launched into session yet.

    They've helped reorganize and streamline the forums. That's all we know thus far.

    It will be interesting to see if anything in U11.1 comes with a tag giving credit to the Council. Or if we have to wait for Helms deep to see any.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocLove View Post
    Everyone is dying to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocLove View Post
    Everyone is dying to know
    The only accomplishment I can remember is a council member calling PvP'ers "arrogant jerks", in these very forums, not even a month after the council was created.

    Dat's something!
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    It has enabled some people to add member of the player council to their sig. Thats more than I expected. Watch this space, am anticipating member of the players council for 2 years running to be achieved within the next years and a half or so.
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    Based on feedback...the answer is NOTHING.

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    The playercouncil are just players like the rest of us,
    The only difference is that they can give feedback in an earlier stage then most and that they have the reassurance someone from turbine takes note of their comments.

    Don't expect miracles from this group of players, they can only make suggestions which turbine might consider. Just like the rest of us.
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