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    Raiders of the Lost Content

    Are you lusting after LoTRO's raiding glory days?
    Do you wish you played the game when Rift, Helegrod, DN, etc., were on level?

    Have we got a deal for you!

    We are recruiting players who want to experience the old raids on level. We're leveling characters to the original level cap of 50, and running raids at that level until we're ready to proceed to the next cap. This will, of course, require the use of Turbine Points for an XP Disabler. No other store purchases will be requested.
    Since we are doing these on level, people will be expected to gear their characters appropriately for raiding, maximize virtues for that level, and have necessary raid materials. Since we anticipate a lot of people leveling together, this should be easy. We also have multiple people with leveled crafters.

    Joining the kin is not required, but you will be required to communicate with us a little more than if you weren't in the kin for running stuff.

    For more detailed information please visit: http://lostcontent.guildlaunch.com/f...867&gid=318866
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