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    Question Advice and Question: 1st, 2nd, 3rd agers require the same IXP up to lvl 30?

    As written here: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Legen...ence_Per_Level

    Up to lvl 30 all agers require same XP to level up.

    If most of the time I level up to 31, am I right assuming that the extra iXP I have to grind is the:

    3rd age is 20,000 per level
    2nd age is 40,000 per level -> 20K more to reach 31 with SA compared to 3rd:
    1st age is 80,000 per level -> 40K more to reach 31 with SA compared to 2nd and 60K to 3rd:

    Deconning at 31 to extract legacy is my target. I know all the pros/cons even duscussing LIs before level cap, however ...

    Question 1:
    Am I right to assume that it is not that "scary" to level up 2nd or 1st ager to 31 then (iXP wise).

    Question 2: Are there any advantages in this case for having 2nd or 1st agers (except some more DPS)?
    Example: do they get more points per level (up to 30) or nothing except the DPS is different between agers up to 30?

    I am a slow leveller, don't mind doing grey quests as well as jump forth and back quickly bursing 5 levels then slowdown.
    Therefore sometimes I just learn new skills, then slowdown to enjoy, sometimes just grind XP/iXP to move forward.

    My point is: before level CAP, which changes quicker than I'm leveling, nowadays - is there a difference choosing
    1st ager vs 2nd or 3rd, if I intend to decon at 31?

    Question 3:
    Hunter's main-hand buffstick - is a 60SA bearable DPS up to 68? or shall I craft a 65SA and keep it to 71?
    All in all I know at 71 it will be better to switch to 3rd ager for the DPS and some new relic level requirement.
    Again - sometimes I like to stay in the 60ies and slow level - therefore asking for the better buff-stick approach,
    as it may be a hassle to make one with all the LIs I'm used to have (movement speed, % heal, % parry, % crit).

    Question 4:
    For the bow - I guess the 3rd ager is a must as even leveling in 5 lvl jumps the DPS difference will be noticeable.
    Is this the preferred option or should I stick to 2nd agers instead?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Question 1:
    Yes, IXP needed is the same up to level 30 (somewhere around 467xxx if I remember correctly). Every level after 30 needs the extra 20k/40k/80k ixp that you mention depending on age.

    Question 2:
    Legendary items do indeed get more points per level with better quality. I'm not on my gaming machine right now, but of the top of my head I think it's 8/10/12 points respectively for 3rd/2nd/1st agers per level. If you have the extra 2nd or 1st ager around (or the coins to trade in the lvl 59/60 items and symbols to craft the higher level ones), go for it.

    Question 3+4:
    I usually use my legendary items until I notice a serious slowdown in the speed needed to go through enemies. I'm usually not in a hurry and tend to forget to check the weapons until it's painfully obvious (to the point where my loremaster recently got her first legendary staff at 45 and used it to replace a lvl 32 staff she had been using up to that level ).

    On the other hand, post Moria my characters often end up leveling quickly (especially if they're doing group instances/skrimishes on the side) and often outlevel their legendary items even before those reach lvl30/31, in which case I just put them in my bags and keep them around until I find they've reached the right level to decon (which mostly is 31, unless I'm desparate for a free LI slot).

    General remarks:
    During leveling you will find that you hardly ever use your legendary items to their full potential (unless you are in the habit of going through large parts of the content with the xp disabler equiped). Use whatever you find without going to too much trouble. If you have first/second agers available, use them, if not, 3rd agers are fine. Just go with whatever item(s) you feel comfortable with at any given level.

    I actually know a few people who have stopped using legendary items for non-maxed characters at all, claiming that the ups and downs of newly leveling items often make those less effective than regular weapons. It doesn't make that much of a difference unless you actually have a maxed (ixp level 70) item with perfect legacies, and it's not worth building those unless you are sure you'll be using them for a while (namely at level cap).
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    +Rep and thanks for the clean and prompt replies!

    However, the ammount of points to get between agers PRIOR to 30 was "too-good-to-be-true"

    As shown here http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Legendary_Items the points per level will differ only after 30

    8/10/12 is the difference after 30+

    Example: at 31 you will have 2 more points to add upon lvl-up, too pity it is time for decon

    Advantages of 1st over 2nd over 3rd - PRIOR 30 are however what I conclude (if the above link is up-to-date nowadays):

    - the slightly higher DPS
    - not harder to level up to 30 and even 31 before decon (if we agree to justify the 20K, 40K 60K difference
    at the last 30->31 for the overal DPS increase from the better ager's starting DPS point?)

    Thank you!


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