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    Congrats Thecookiemonster on Rank 11!

    Grats Cookie! I told you you'd beat me to it! <3
    Eilifu (formerly Daenyras of Imladris), rank 12 minstrel / Ligeias, rank 8 hunter

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    Mar 2011
    Moscow Russia
    Cookie gratz :P
    Nemexida Imladris-Gladden mini 13 r
    I love u Creepies :P

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    Oct 2011
    Coevorden, Netherlands
    D: stronger bleeds........aside from that, congrats
    R14 Defiler Ezmoding, R12 warleader Hydraah, R12 reaver Lubshag, R12 warg Landvaettir, R15 hunter Pewpewboom,
    R10 guardian Baforin, R9 hunter Baflo, R9 captain Adalwic

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    Sep 2011
    Meldos shed
    gratz man. now how can i ever beat you in 1on1
    argio r11 burglar | trytofarmme r10 reaver | trytoloveme r10 spider | ikissedafreep r10 blackarrow | roargh r9 warleader | trytocatchme r9 warg |

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    Grats Cookie Now onward to r12. Gogogogo!!!

    Ona -> Confetti - r8 Burglar // Funfetti - r7 Mini (Execution - Gladden)
    Demodex - r8 Warg // Bonana Split - r12 WL(Brandywine)

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    Thumbs up

    congrats Cookie!!
    imladris :Bobirinio Def R12, Lykaki Warg R11, Araxnh Weaver r10, Kagkouras Reaver r7, Toksoths BA r7, Bobiras LM R7 landroval: Aelaera Mini R12 , Bobirios Warden R8, Ellhnofreneia weaver r9 Snowbourne: Bobirios Warleader R8

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    Oct 2011
    always loved grouping with you. Remember trying to kamikaze LC?, the two of us verses god knows how many creeps were there that night, was a ton of fun. You are a hell of a leader and an even greater friend. Congratulations man

    ~ Ostev
    -Retired- 5/19/2013


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    Apr 2007
    (Brionac) Cookie....youve always been there for me, through my wedding, my ex girlfriends, when my dog died, when my cat died from being attacked by my dog, and most importantly, when I needed cereal in the morning ( better be &&&&ing Fruit loops) and you ran over to help me outta bed. Gratz on r11!

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    Late thank you to everyone Brio you Blumpkin.

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    Special gift

    A lil somtin for my bro cookie. Grz man.



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