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    [Crickhollow] First Annuminas Dragoons

    Looking for a smallish but active kin with good people who are always willing to help? Just want people to talk to while you solo? First Annuminas Dragoons may be the kin for you. We've only got a couple dozen active members, but they're all great people and take the time to help others whenever they can. Now for the boring parts-

    We don't have a kin house yet. If this is a make or break thing for you, we're probably not the kin for you anyway.

    Help means help. If you're looking for high level players to grind skirmishes 30-40 levels under them all day to powerlevel you, we're not the kin for you. In the same regard, we don't mind crafting stuff for our new members, but we also expect you to "pay it forward" and help other new members as they join as well.

    Some of us quest together, some mostly solo, some do both. We run instances together with some degree of regularity, and some of us participate in raids, but we are not a raiding or instance focused kin.

    We have some RP'ers, but we're not an RP kin either. There may be kin-hosted RP events in the future, depending on the reception of the idea by members.

    We have people from many countries and time zones, so you normally will always have someone to chat with while doing whatever it is you're doing. Our kin chat is pretty active, given the size of the kin. Even when soloing, most of us like to chat with each other. If you like to solo but enjoy having people to talk to besides an oft-empty regional or a trollish GLFF, we're probably a perfect fit for you.

    We accept all races/classes/levels. It doesn't matter if you're level 1 (well, more like 7, y'know?) or 85, as long as you're active, sociable, and don't represent the kin to others on the server in a poor manner, we'll welcome you with open arms.

    If you need any more info, or would like to join, please seek out Vinsfield, Theef, Satsuki, Tobari, Amberwind, Elvallith, Narbold or Weclo in game and send 'em a tell.
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    le bump

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    Bump to let people know we're still recruiting



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