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    The Dourhands are recruiting all races! (except elves)

    King Skorgrim has returned to Middle Earth, and he has named Lord Hradic Dourbeard his General-in-Chief in Ered Luin. Together with his son, Glirmud, and an Angmarim advisor known to the Dourhands only as the Oathkeeper, Lord Hradic has begun to forge an army to fight the Longbeards and their pointy-eared allies for control of Ered Luin.

    Lord Hradic has sent out a call to all loyal Dourhand dwarves, mercenaries of the race of Man who are willing to sell their services, and as many goblins as his son can press into service to aid him in this fight. At present, the Dourhands' position in Ered Luin is perilous indeed, but our armies are arming, and our servants are building new halls and fortresses amid the mountains. Come, join us as we fight for our master, the true king of Ered Luin, King Skorgrim Dourhand!

    ((Founder: Hradic; Co-founder: Glirmud; Angmarim Hallechil: Ataniriel {icly the "Oathkeeper"}; Dourhand Seneschal: Kalkon; Goblin Overseer: Gukmuz. All of these have recruiting capabilities and can give you more information concerning the kin if you are interested. We do regular events {and have some more in the works}, have a kinship website, a new alliance chat channel, race-specific uniforms and titles, and various roles available for both experienced rpers and people who are new to roleplay. Contact one of the officers mentioned above if you are interested, or visit our website at thedourhands.shivtr.com.))

    Lord Glirmud, son of Lord Hradic Dourbeard
    Gimli's First Law of Tanking:

    "Certainty of death? Small chance of success? What are we waiting for?"

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    When in Danger, When in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream & Shout

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    ./eye roll

    The title is just as bad as kinship spams that say all CLASSES welcome for a Dwarf only kin........

    "There will be no Dawn for Men" ~ Saruman the White

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    Weell, we dwarrows no want no pointie-eared scum hangin' out o' th' trees! ((And this coming from a guy with a lvl 76 elf champion and a lvl 81 elf hunter! Talk about irony! xD))

    And no, it's not dwarf only. Just no elves allowed.
    Gimli's First Law of Tanking:

    "Certainty of death? Small chance of success? What are we waiting for?"



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