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    Angry Level 77 Third Age better than level 75 2nd age?

    I finally managed to get my woodworker to become skilled enough to craft westfold tier 2nd age legendary staves for my lore-master. So, I go to the AH, spend a considerable sum of gold to buy the ingredients and I get extremely excited to finally have a teal level 75 legendary... A few days later in another region, I get a ton of level 77 Third age staff drops that have like 60 more DPS than my 2nd age legendary! We all know how quick levels advance in the 75+ areas, so I'm asking myself, what's the point of becoming a member of a crafting guild, whats the point of collecting all the rare ingredients if my 2nd age weapon will become obsolete in 2 levels!?

    It's one of many reasons I'm being dissapointed with LOTRO as of late, but to avoid spreading this thread into a total mess I'll just stick to the legendary nonsense for now.

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    You exaggerate. 60 DPS is not 10 DPS (137.9 vs 147.5).

    The benefit of 2As/1As is to get bigger numbers at cap. A cap which doesn't move for a year.

    Now you know not to spend so much effort or so many resources until cap.
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    The tiers 1st,2nd,3rd were only really aplicable when their respective levels were the cap (65,75) and now 85.

    You say yourself you know how quickly the leveling goes 75+. Sa lvl 75's were desirable for orthanc/foundry/rof etc in groups but now it's just a fast track up to 85.

    The idea of being in a crafting guild as far as i can see, is to create crafted relics for you legendaries. Let's face it most 75 weps can be created with a trip to skirmish camp for symbol and maybe some mining/foresting for sigil.

    When you are lvl 50 you get to be aware that lI stats increase over level, it has been like this since moria.

    I don't get upset by it, i farm turtle for lvl 60 barters for my alts that last me till 75. 75 third/sec age, whatever i have.

    It just isn't that much of a big deal but you should know by now the diminishing dps of any weapon over time/levels



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