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That was me, i remember it i think it lasted for about 6 or more mins before i finally quit trying and let you go ahead and kill me(you were headed in that direction anyway since i ran out of power and had trouble dpsing through heals w/ the morale regen). It was fun since everyone wanted to sit there and watch 1v1s for a bit but i quickly get bored with them. I prefer to 1v1 a burg cause i can generally get them down pretty good, i quit 1v1ing yellow traits cause they just spam mez me. I figured it would be a change of pace to fight a cappy, who is pretty much a WL with more dps, who isnt heal traited. It was a good fight but i was out of power and you were gonna end up winning it anyway so i just went ahead and let you finish me off quicker than it was going to happen. Good fight not sure why you think i was mad.
well i thought you might say i used power pots(wich i did not) i traited rallying cry to restore some power and i have time of need(its a self defeate responce) traited. it resets rallying cry(i only use that only under extreme circumstances/wich i think i did not use) and planned my power management by using plain melee attacks that dont use power between the attacks that uses power during that last bit of the fight.

but it was a great fight none the less great job dude