I started playing LotRO long ago, but never was able to spend much time with it. Between that and alt-itis, my highest level toon is 54 (I think).

Anyways, I recently started playing again and chose to work on my level 30 captain, who is now almost 43. And while I like the class, I am a little disappointed about the distribution of useful skills as you level. Now, part of the problem is on me, because I solo A LOT, and I understand that the captain is most useful in group situations.

But as I leveled from 30 up, it seemed I didn't get any really useful skills, that everything I mostly use I got early on. So every two levels I check for a new skill and it's something, well, dull.

32: Cry of Vengeance - useless for soloing
34: Herald of Victory - don't need, using War
36: In Harm's Way - useless for soloing
38: Tactic: Focus - never use
40: To Arms: Shield-Brother - my herald typically does not have aggro, so pretty meh for soloing again
42: Grave Wound: don't need threat as a soloer, I always have it lol

So over 12 levels I got pretty much nothing useful. And I'm looking forward to these:

44: Kick - YAY! Something useful!
46: Withdraw - YAY! Run away? Wait, what? Sigh.

When I hit 39, I bought the books to earn three legendary traits. Got all the pages by lotsa questing and grinding. And what do I have?

Oathbreaker's Shame - nice skill, but 10s on a 5 min CD? Seems awfully tame for a "legendary"
Shield of the Dunedain - not worth protecting my herald (that sounds awful I know lol)
Fellowship Brother - I guess okay, and it's what I have slotted.

Meanwhile I look at some other classes' legendary traits learned from their books, and they seem significant. Ents Go to War, Exposed Throat or Flashing Blades, etc etc.

Again, I like the class, I like that it can take some damage, deal some damage, and heal. I understand it is kind of a Jack-of-All-Trades class.

But for someone soloing, and certainly you CAN solo on a captain, a LOT of the skills are pretty useless and underwhelming - seems like all the good stuff we get in the first ten levels, with a severe drop-off after that. I'm still playing the same basic rotation at 40 as I was at 10

I am looking forward to getting to a higher level and doing some more grouping with my kin, but I wanted to post my thoughts and hear what other people might have to say: either commiserating or telling me how awesome things get later is most recommended