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    Some Low-Level Captain Thoughts

    I started playing LotRO long ago, but never was able to spend much time with it. Between that and alt-itis, my highest level toon is 54 (I think).

    Anyways, I recently started playing again and chose to work on my level 30 captain, who is now almost 43. And while I like the class, I am a little disappointed about the distribution of useful skills as you level. Now, part of the problem is on me, because I solo A LOT, and I understand that the captain is most useful in group situations.

    But as I leveled from 30 up, it seemed I didn't get any really useful skills, that everything I mostly use I got early on. So every two levels I check for a new skill and it's something, well, dull.

    32: Cry of Vengeance - useless for soloing
    34: Herald of Victory - don't need, using War
    36: In Harm's Way - useless for soloing
    38: Tactic: Focus - never use
    40: To Arms: Shield-Brother - my herald typically does not have aggro, so pretty meh for soloing again
    42: Grave Wound: don't need threat as a soloer, I always have it lol

    So over 12 levels I got pretty much nothing useful. And I'm looking forward to these:

    44: Kick - YAY! Something useful!
    46: Withdraw - YAY! Run away? Wait, what? Sigh.

    When I hit 39, I bought the books to earn three legendary traits. Got all the pages by lotsa questing and grinding. And what do I have?

    Oathbreaker's Shame - nice skill, but 10s on a 5 min CD? Seems awfully tame for a "legendary"
    Shield of the Dunedain - not worth protecting my herald (that sounds awful I know lol)
    Fellowship Brother - I guess okay, and it's what I have slotted.

    Meanwhile I look at some other classes' legendary traits learned from their books, and they seem significant. Ents Go to War, Exposed Throat or Flashing Blades, etc etc.

    Again, I like the class, I like that it can take some damage, deal some damage, and heal. I understand it is kind of a Jack-of-All-Trades class.

    But for someone soloing, and certainly you CAN solo on a captain, a LOT of the skills are pretty useless and underwhelming - seems like all the good stuff we get in the first ten levels, with a severe drop-off after that. I'm still playing the same basic rotation at 40 as I was at 10

    I am looking forward to getting to a higher level and doing some more grouping with my kin, but I wanted to post my thoughts and hear what other people might have to say: either commiserating or telling me how awesome things get later is most recommended

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    My captain is level 57 and I have waaay too many skills slotted in my quick slots and all that mess. Well you won't be grouping on those levels mainly but it's to prepare you for Moria instances or Angmar long time ago. Moria u group a bit also and the instances and raids are great even if u are a soloist u can't resist to join one. Also they don't want to give too many skills either that they go over the max u can hold. Remember you still got 39 levels until 85 so there will be many skills plus a couple of upgraded ones to make them that much more unique.
    Besides the Captain DPS is pretty nice compared to other classes I've played and skills are pretty moderate Cd's. Besides enjoy the game up until that point cuz web ur done leveling u gotta go back and deed and all that good stuff. Hehe good luck on ur cappy tho and moria!
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    Level 35-45 is a real pain, in all senses, on cappy. If you don't have lootbox gear, but are Annuminas kindred (and if not, why not? it's so easy these days) get the Arnorian Commander's Halberd at lv40. Really good weapon for the level.

    At 45, do the Moria intro to get your first LI *immediately*.

    You will notice a step change in your effectiveness, and should finally be able to kill stuff faster than it kills you... and once you get into Moria, you start being awesome.
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    As far as legendary traits go, IDoME is the only one that's a must have for soloing.... aside from your capstones (which you're still a good ways off from) the rest are fairly meh.

    But yeah, we've desperately needed a rework of when we get skills..... it made sense..... back when the level cap was 50 and 60, but hasn't really since then....
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    Fellowship-brother on your herald will make a lot of your otherwise useless group skills have a partial effect on yourself.
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    Well my leveling has slowed down a bit, now at 46.

    I went ahead and slotted the Fellowship Brother legendary skill, and spent a bit of time working on the level 45 quest - finally finishing that a little bit ago so now I also have In Defence of Middle Earth slotted.

    I haven't had many problems questing. The kill speed isn't great but I can take on 3 mobs of my level and survive (usually at about 1/3 a health bar by then). I can kill Signature mobs no problem but can't really kill Elites. They just hit too hard and without a decent self-heal on a reasonable cooldown, I just don't live.

    I've heard that cappies can solo a bit of stuff at later levels, but I was wondering how that works? Is it mostly getting Rallying Cry down to 15s with LI legacies combined with more ways to generate defeat events? Just curious.

    Going to work on getting my first LI now, we'll see how that goes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almagnus1 View Post
    As far as legendary traits go, IDoME is the only one that's a must have for soloing.... aside from your capstones (which you're still a good ways off from) the rest are fairly meh.

    But yeah, we've desperately needed a rework of when we get skills..... it made sense..... back when the level cap was 50 and 60, but hasn't really since then....
    I recommend IDOME, Master of War and Oathbreakers Shame for solo.

    IDOME - Benefits you from all of the stats. Remember that Might increases DPS/Mits and Vitality both Max Health and Mits.
    Master of War - Improves your heralds and increases your damage output.
    Oathbreakers Shame - Every 5 minutes you can really chop the &&&& out of an enemy. Really good feeling, and speeds things up!

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    double post, sorry

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    I play captain as an alt, currently at level 51, and it is by far the weakest class at lower levels. DPS is comparatively less than half of my hunter's; it takes my hunter less time/pain/power to kill a same level signature mob than my captain to kill a same level normal mob. I can also kill faster with other supportive classes (minstrel, RK), which can heal better. And a warden can kill faster and tank better. I hear that they get better with mounted combat, but that is a long ways for me.

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    lv35-45 a real pain

    Well Progress has been real nice, I find with my maid at arms on level content so far a breeze! Now lv31 and not struggling but have decided to get some of those annoying deeds done for traits...

    Determination 2
    Discipline 4
    Fortitude 3
    Loyalty 2
    Valour 3

    At the moment, will be swapping Loyalty for Zeal 3 as soon as I get back in game!

    Look ok?

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    suggestion from my kin:

    'While leveling I think the most valuable traits would be zeal, valor, compassion, innocence and discipline.'


    'While leveling it is not as effective as going for strait morale.'

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