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Thread: Healing tips

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    Healing tips

    Alright so I've leveled minstrel and I'm currently level 50. Unfortunately I haven't played with another player yet. It's been all solo and I have no idea how to heal. I'm actually better at healing in warspeech than no stance which is sad.

    What's the general rotation and idea for healing?

    I'm guessing its get 3 Major Ballads going then Spam raise the spirit on the one taking damage. Using Inspire and Coda of Vigour in emergencies and keep Anthem on free peoples up?

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    Well i am only one level higher than you so i don't know much more than you. however i have been playing mini for a while now so i will give what i can.
    I don't know what context you are talking about but in a raid i am told that you spam b/c and rts. Then you can also spam your three major balads then you do anthem of the third age. It allows your next b/c to be an instant cast which is helpful. Apperantly symphony of the hopeful heart (legendary skill) is really good but i don't have that one yet and it is more of a buff rather than heal. but still it is a good thing to use i guess when grouped. The other heal skills are more emergency skill heals and wouldn't be used in a rotation.

    In a fellowship or skirmish i use inspire fellows because it is helpful for the fellow. I also usually use harmony since it does aoe damage and heal. plus in a skirm i don't need serious healing.
    Hope this helps
    Oh and there is a skill i forgot to mention (i forgot since i don't have this yet. Its legendary skill). It is really good though and i wish i had it. It goes with your lvl 45? class missions, fellowships heart. This has a cd but it really useful and so a good emergency heal.

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    ps one more thing. Here is a useful thread that helped me with raiding. It mainly is for raiding but there are helpful healing tips there. Heres the link: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...-for-minstrels
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    My way of healing

    How I heal is before battle and everyone is prepping for starting an instance I retrain for healing and there are many ways u can set your mini up. I also use harmony stance since you can help in damage but mainly for the fellow wide heal when u hit 3 ballads, but before u hit the coda use anthems such as anthem of war or anthem of prowess whatever the situation is like if u get Aggro on a mob u can hit anthem of composure and that will remove some threat and shake off the mob or just feign to be safe.

    Also tales are good bonuses for a group. I go tale of warding most times and it's great lil buff but it's ur decision depending on the battle and instance. When u get higher levels u will get Heal over Times (HoTs) and great and keep u at ease knowing those are goin and u can start attacking and getting anthems up and have the coda at ready.
    Healing sounds like a challenge at first but it's actually really fun if u give it a chance. It keeps u on the edge of a battle and everyone safe.
    If u need more info I can give u more if needed.
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    Based on my level 51 minstrel-All Yvandriel's gear is quest drops or crafted. Her character sheet is public but it's at level 41.
    Inspire fellows is a group wide heal and now has much less power cost than it used to, so it's the 'new bolster courage' ie spam it. I use RtS as my main spot heal because of lower induction time so less chance of interrupts. I have no power issues on either minstrel 85 or 51. Others may differ on this. You decide.

    The spot heals and triuphant spirit cause more healing aggro than the ballads and codas so wait til the tank has aggro before using BC and RtS, if you can. Triumphant spirit makes you aggro magnet but it is a group save-don't be frightened to use it.

    Fellowship's heart is the class deed skill to go for-you'll need it in moria groups when tanks are learning to hold aggro. Yvandriel got hers at 48. Make it a priority. Skirm a lot and buy the class items-or beg in glff-do whatever but get your legendary class skill quests and deeds done. !

    This thread sums up most stuff about stats and skills-it's not just about traits. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?507196-3-best-healing-traits-for-minstrels

    As well as the advice provided in detail by many minstrels (me included ) specifically search out Bramor's posts -he's provided lots of useful information on healing in harmony.

    I mostly group heal in null stance, 4 blue 3 yellow on Peralda. Yvandriel varies at different levels and in different content. Yvandriel is playing with harmony stance more and trying different things. She can heal groups up to two levels above but aggro management is a big problem. Hence the advice. Peralda is playing with experienced tanks and surrounded by high DPS raiders, she has less to worry about in the aggro management area. To find out what works for you, practice healing, even if it's only NPCs in skirmishes!

    Good luck!
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    First off, there is no one good healing rotation. Mini healing is reactive, and tuned to the needs of the situation. If you have a lot of damage going mainly to the tank, then I would heal in melody stance (null) and use bolster courage and anthem of the third age + coda. Harmony is often better for aoe healing of the entire group, or in situations where you don't need to do a ton of healing and want to help out with the dps a bit as well (just be careful of the aoe coda with cc).

    I tend to mix up my ballads a lot, based on how much healing vs dps I'm doing, or if I'm losing power. And don't neglect your anthems, they can play a large role in reducing the damage your group is taking, or upping their dps. So keep a few of those up as well based on the needs of the fight, and take advantage of the bonuses they give you on your coda.

    Some more basic healing tips: Give the tank a chance to get aggro before you start healing (careful with HOTs at the beginning), if you heal first the mobs will come to you first, and your threat down skills will not help. Pay attention to the rate at which your party members are losing health, not the percentage missing. For example, A tank at half health, can usually sit there for a bit, where as I am concerned about a hunter at half health. However, if your tank is taking huge crits, half health may not be a safe place to let him stay, and if you hunter dropped the mob hitting him, he can wait a minute for his heal. That said, be careful about healing your dps-ers right away when they pull aggro, give the tank time to grab 'em back if you can, or you may make some new friends.

    For specific mini healing skills, bolster courage is my go to heal. I personally don't like raise the spirit at all, it has too much of a power cost for the size of the heal and doesn't output high enough healing to cover a tank. I use chord of salvation when I don't have time to waste casting a heal, and though it also has a high power cost, it's instant, and later on will give a HOT to the whole fellowship, wich I feel make it better than raise the spirit. Anytime you have lots of sustained damage to the whole group, inspire fellows is your best friend. Skills like triumphant spirit and fellowships heart I reserve for emergencies.

    My best piece of advice, take it slow bit by bit, learning one new heal skill at a time and experiment a lot, don't be afraid to change up your rotation based on the situation. Keep running instances and you'll figure it all out in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lealita View Post
    First off, there is no one good healing rotation. Mini healing is reactive, and tuned to the needs of the situation.
    exactly my point. Everyone's healing style is different and the situation is key to know what's going on and get heals in and do whatever u gotta do.
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    When I first learned how to heal, someone told me, "Just heal; don't try to do anything else at first." I think those are very wise words and that's what I tell all new healers.

    You will be standing around a lot doing nothing, but fight the urge to be constantly clicking something! If everyone in your group is alive, you are doing your job. Take this time to observe the fight, watch health bars, make sure you're positioned correctly, etc. You can always add in other skills (buffs, dps, etc) to your rotation as you get more comfortable healing.

    1. Set up your combat options to show the selection's target. If you click on the portrait of one of your fellows, you will see who they're targeting. This also works the other way; if you click on a mob, you will see who they're aggroed on. This makes it easy to tell who has aggro. The tank can tell if he's lost aggro. Or if something is hitting you, you can tab around until you find what's on you, then call out "X is hitting me, my target" so others can pull it off.

    2. Also select enable skill forwarding. I always recommend this for healers, buffers, debuffers, etc. It will forward whatever skill you use onto the target of your selection. For example, if you have the tank targeted and cast a heal, it will heal him. However, if you cast a damage skill, it will forward onto the mob that the tank has targeted. Conversely, if you have the mob targeted and cast a heal, it will forward to whomever the mob is aggroed on. This helps immensely to not have to constantly click between mobs and fellows.

    3. Also select Selection directional indicator. This will create a dotted line across the ground from you to whomever you're targeting. This is great because a lot of your skills require you to face your target. Sometimes you will see that JohnnyDPS needs a heal, you click his portrait to select him, but the heal never goes through because you're not facing him, but you can't find him in the mass of 12 fellows + pets + skirmish soldiers + mobs, etc. With the directional indicator on, you just turn to face the direction of the dotted line, heal, profit.

    4. I highly recommend the Plugin: MinstrelBuff. You will be able to see which ballads and anthems you have active.

    Beginner's Rotation:
    1. No stance (melody) then play Major Ballad x3 - This will give a small AOE heal and stack +x% outgoing healing bonuses
    2. Play Anthem of the Free Peoples - This will give your entire fellowship a huge bonus to ICMR, which will make it easier to keep up with heals.
    3. Look at all health bars (including your own!) Start spot healing if needed. Target the tank (or whoever needs it) and cast either Raise the Spirit or Bolster Courage.
    4. Continue watching health bars and play Major Ballads for small fellowship heals and RtS/BC for single heals. If you have time and remember, then cast your Anthem of the Free Peoples again. If the entire fellowship needs a bit of healing, use Inspire Fellows.


    If you find yourself in a sticky situation, here are a few "Oh No!" skills/combinations to use:
    Coda - This will give an instant heal (roughly the same amount as a BC). Remember to replay your 3 Ballads and Anthem after this as using the coda will wipe them.
    Chord of Salvation - Single target instant heal, can be used while running.
    Triumphant Spirit - Fellowship instant heal, this will save the group from wiping, but it's an aggro magnet, and has a long cooldown.
    Fellowship's Heart - Fellowship long-cast heal-over-time (HoT), this is also another group-saver. Very long cooldown, but will help get you through a really rough patch.

    This one's a bit tricky, but very effective:
    Cry of the Chorus -> Anthem of the Third Age -> Coda -> Bolster Courage
    CotC will automatically put up 3 ballads and open up your Anthems for use. AotTA will alter the Coda to make your next BC an instant cast, so you will have two massive heals in just 4 clicks with no casting.
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    This one's a bit tricky, but very effective:
    Cry of the Chorus -> Anthem of the Third Age -> Coda -> Bolster Courage
    CotC will automatically put up 3 ballads and open up your Anthems for use. AotTA will alter the Coda to make your next BC an instant cast, so you will have two massive heals in just 4 clicks with no casting.[/QUOTE]

    There's actually a way to get 3 out of that, continually smash whatever key you have B/c on and go to a target, or if your target is still low simply stay there, and after your first instant cast more than 80% of the time you can get another one off.

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    There are few from me, some already mentioned:
    - trait blue, but use two yellow line traits to make anthems longer and their cooldown shorter.
    - focus on healing only, but even at the very beginning do not forget to tier up you ballads. If you are confident enough or you are bored, you may try some anthem buffs or even damaging skills.
    - unless there is a specific need for that, do not heal anybody before the start or in the first second of a fight. Even the best tank need some seconds to grab and maintain aggro. And usually can survive some time without heals. It's not that bad if there is only one mob/boss but a stray mob aggroed on a healer at the start may make an encounter quite messy.
    - there are already mentioned tricks about single target healing - you can use them. One additional: a nice quick heal is Chord of Salvation followed immediately by Soliloquy of Spirit. SS cuts an animation of CS and shortens a time to use the next skill.

    So, if somebody needs a fast huge heal you may try a combo: Chord of Salvation -> Soliloquy of Spirit -> Anthem of the Third Age (I assume that you have all ballads up) -> Coda -> Bolster Courage.

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