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    Needs some love!

    Well, i read a lot on the forums, and comment little. But, it seems everyone (or mostly everyone) is pretty much thinking the same thing these days.

    Is it just me or is Turbine's message very clear at this point...That they do not care about PvPers, or the moors in general. In the past 2 1/2 years I've played this game, the only changes to the moors have been bad ones. It seems like Turbine needs to start caring about the PvP players, or continue to lose money. Most agree that PvMP is a HUGE money maker for Turbine, so one would think that they would spend more time fine tuning it.

    I noticed something on my creep the other night, I was just messing around Grams, and went to see what new skills I would get in future ranks when I noticed (not for the first time, but the first in a long time) the information that the trainer has about various captures, OP info, DoF info. I realized, this is really old information. It still says you need a certain amount of OPs to gain access to the DoF.

    I mean come on. You can't even fix something that simple? Just to show that you care just a tiny bit? Or what about the creep login screen? It still shows your creeps in the default skin. It shows no location either.

    Another big topic is rank farming. I realize that it would be tough to prove who is rank farming, and who is lucky out there that day and got a ton of points. But I don't think even on that lucky day you could earn 50k+ renown/infamy.

    In conclusion, I think a lot of PvPers would be happy for a little bit of attention. Simply swapping out rez locations, changing a few corruptions, maybe throw EC over here and OC over there and expecting PvPers to be totally happy with it just doesn't work.

    Moors needs some lovin'!

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    Yes, we need a little bit of love



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