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    Survival Barrow Downs Closed?

    This instance appears to have been closed without notice. Its not an instance I particularly enjoy so I didn't notice until it was brought to my attention. I see no sign of any known exploit. This leads me to think that it may be receiving some kind of revamp. (It would not be the first time a space has been..unexpectedly closed prior to the announcement of a revamp.)

    If its a known issue, could we get it added to the known issues list?
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    weird, maybe people exploiting it? You still would expect it to be mentioned somewhere...
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    It can be exploited, but at the cost of a RL hour not many folk do, i would assume its a revamp to make more ppl use it.

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    There have been ongoing discussions in this forum about undocumented changes PREVIOUSLY done to this skirmish which undermine it's perceived purpose. At some point, the playable area was reduced to a narrow, irregular radius that made kiting impossible. There were also measurable damage modifications making it extremely difficult to survive more than 2 hits from some mobs (or some similar lack of mitigation issues).

    Perhaps they're addressing these? It would be nice to know. I stopped running it (didn't run it often, but) when I could no longer circumnavigate with my Minstrel for more than 5min before getting ganked. Used to easily be able to survive for more than 15min, but the above changes made it impossible.
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    The skirmish is once again available. I did not see any obvious changes.
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    some evil guys farm 999…999marks in Survival Barrow,so ,they close and fix it.



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