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    The Importance Level

    Some new creeps on my server were asking what they should do first. I told them too get maps. Although, I started to think what should be the order that people should get them in. I believe the order should be
    1. Maps to TA
    2. Maps to TR
    3. Maps to Lugz
    4. Maps to Isen
    5. Maps to LC
    This is just my opinion but if you have options that are better, please do tell

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    I would say number one is good map to Grams.

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    Hey Earvron

    Doing the deed which gives the 1 minute grams map should be the first map you should get. I guess it's just a matter of opinion, but here are the others in the order I always do it: Tirith Rhaw, Tol Ascarnen, Lugazag, Grimwood, Isendeep. Tirith Rhaw is first for me because it's a trip all the way across the map to a popular fighting area, and to defend the keep furthest to the east. Tol Ascarnen was second for me because of "Good Tol Ascarnen Map" which covers the mid-area of the map. Just those two alone will have your greenie adventures all set. From there the rest just flow in like honey while you quest and kill.

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    Good TA is the most important map you should focus on getting, as at least on my server, Freeps like to go there A LOT. Aside from that, TR is easy to complete and getting across to the eastern half of the map quickly is a huge benefit.

    The rest are fairly meh. Lugz doesn't really take you anywhere good, aside from close to DG, Grimwood can be a good alternative map to GTA if the freeps are camping the map-in point, and Isendeep is pretty much only good for the crude map to Grothum.

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    Maps to GTA and Poor Isen are probably the most used maps I have. Getting your map deeds done will also get lower ranked Creeps much needed comms to buy Audacity with. So yes..questing is a necessary evil for your first ranks.
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