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    Where are the role playing "hot spots"

    First time character and I can't find really anyone. Is there specific buildings in bree? or combe were people converse and gather?

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    Well for man, hobbit and dwarven race best spots in Bree is Pony, or Combe - Comb and wattle inn.

    For hobbits in shire i know some gather at michel delving and bywater Green Dragon. They have many events.

    Elves weekly meet at Rivendel Halls of Fire wendsday i belive

    Also i recomend you take a look at events that are posted in Laurelin Archives.

    And.. last but not least before enganging to RP read several RP guides and tips.

    Welcome to Laurelin!!!

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    Under normal circumstances I'd say the Prancing Pony in Bree. I say normal as there is a festival on and a lot of folks will simply be logging on to participate.

    If you flag your character with the Roleplaying tag (/rp on) then when you meet other players similarly tagged you can initiate roleplaying. Other ways would be to join a known RP userchat, currently Club Eclair has a lot of members somne, like myself, are playing most days. To take part open a new tab and type "/joinchannel club-eclair" without the quotes. There's another user channel too RP AAA,I forget the join instructions but the best thing you can do is trawl the roleplaying forum to find out.

    As an aside, Club Eclair is running an RP pub crawl at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving in The Shire on Saturday 1st June at 0900 EST if you want to join in.

    My main character is called Willameena, IM me if you need help.

    Welcome to your newest addiction!

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    Definitely the Prancing Pony. When I go in, there's usually at least three RPers standing around, sometimes 8.

    Granted, a few of the times, I hightailed it out to avoid lore-breaks that make the the most lore-breaking class look lore-accurate.



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