Good job everyone on smashing Forges last night! We ended up with 3 tanks, 2 healers, and a yellow-line LM I almost felt like I was in a YouTube MMO parody, lol. We were slow, but sturdy! I also got my Lore-master class quest done, so thank you very much!

Up next for Sunday is:

Sunday, July 28th, 8:30 PM Server Time (eastern)
Level 60 Full Quest Run

This is the first of the Moria dungeons in the lower depths. This is where the big boys play; or rather, where they dump their garbage. Skumfil is the landfill of Moria, lol.

"Since the overthrow of Moria, the Orcs have disposed of their dead in the great chasm they call Skûmfil. Over the ages, the rotting pile of carcasses and filth that has accumulated there has also attracted many foul and disgusting creatures, from the vile Gredbyg, to the scavenging Kergrim . . ."

Skumfil is also where Minstrels have their class quest! So Silmelin and Geddi, make sure you talk to your trainer in the Twenty-first Hall and complete all your solo quest objectives up to this point.

We will be fighting multiple mobs at once in here, so please trait for AOEs. I will park my Captain at the quest givers in The Shadowed Refuge and summon people down to grab the quests before we go in.