Hey, I remember a gleeful time around last November when I spent thousands of TP on shared storage and stat tome bundles for a couple of my most beloved toons because, quite frankly, everything was on sale and I had no inhibition. While there have been double points sales since, there really hasn't been a good way for me to discharge VIP TP since because nothing that I have pent-up demand for buying has been on sale.

I would like to swap my Warden's Might tomes for Agility ones due to the planned mainstat change, and while I persuaded Turbine with a gentle phone call to refund the TP spent on might, I've been waiting forever to spend the refunded points on Agility because it hasn't been on sale since January (a sale I missed, or maybe they hadn't announced the planned change yet at that time, I don't remember). Though at the rate I'm going, I might be able to fill those planned stat tomes with tomes looted ingame from instances--I have I and III.

Also, since there's someone else in my kin who is called "Mak" for short now, it can get a little confusing, so I'm waiting for this sale to get a character rename token--which will probably never, EVER go on sale otherwise (and yes, I made a level 1 toon just to hold the name I want).

And there's always more shared storage, which has pretty much been the only way for Turbine to drain any statistically significant TP from my account since the last big "Determine Your Own Discount" sale.

So, since I've only been playing since last summer...does anyone have any perspective on when I might see this sale again?